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Voice of reason libraryVoice of reason library
In order to save funds to use for other uses the Bad Axe Republican Headquarters has closed. The library for the time being will be located at my residence. You can contact me to arrange a convenient time to get a book(s) or return a
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Table of contents some Introductory Comments to the Reading ListTable of contents some Introductory Comments to the Reading List
Cardinal Newman comes close to the true meaning of education in his series of lectures entitled Idea of a University (1852). I am condensing Section 10 of Discourse VII here
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Clarifications and Explorations: Matter, Spirit, Evil, and Much, Much MoreClarifications and Explorations: Matter, Spirit, Evil, and Much, Much More
Conferences of Abbot Moses: to learn the Art we study here we exercise the appropriate discipline and uses ascesis to renounce desirable things that will get in our way, which in this case may include renunciation of feeling interested
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Hungry Mind Review\Hungry Mind Review's 100 Best 20th-Century American Books of Fiction and Nonfiction
The books were chosen by five writers: Mary Moore Easter, Heid E. Erdrich, Bill Holm, David Mura, and George Rabasa, under the direction of Bart Schneider, editor of the Hungry Mind Review
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What is comparative politicsWhat is comparative politics
What enables some countries to "make it" in the modern world while others remain locked in poverty?
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Jack Green Musselman, Ph. DJack Green Musselman, Ph. D
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Curriculum Vitae for Jean Alvares May 2014 addressCurriculum Vitae for Jean Alvares May 2014 address
The Drama of Hippothous in Xenophon of Ephesus’ Ephesiaca,” The Classical Journal 90. 4 (1995) 393-404
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The investitureThe investiture
Heralds shall be sent throughout the encampment to summon the people to bear witness to the ceremony. When the people have assembled, at the Crown's command, the herald shall proclaim
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Plsc 4351. 001-Introduction to Political TheoryPlsc 4351. 001-Introduction to Political Theory
As its title suggests, this course is an introduction to political theory. Throughout the semester, we will study those philosophers who are thought to have the greatest impact on 21st Century Western political thought
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