History of the christian churchHistory of the christian church
The Conversion of the Saxons. Charlemagne and Alcuin. The Heliand, and the Gospel-Harmony
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On the Origin, Essence and Purpose of LawOn the Origin, Essence and Purpose of Law
The grammar of existence is bound up in the Law and it is and always has been for us to read reality rightly, to hear rightly, to speak rightly
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Part a- plan of investigationPart a- plan of investigation
Question: To What Extent Did the U. S. S. R.’s Lack of Military Intervention Hinder the G. D. R. Forces’ Capacity to Prevent the Opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989?
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International law as a legal systemInternational law as a legal system
There are meaningful relationships between them. Norms may thus exist at higher and lower hierarchical levels, their formulation may involve greater or lesser generality and specificity and their validity may date back to earlier or later moments
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An instant, or changing in an instant, it can be in motionAn instant, or changing in an instant, it can be in motion
In either case, God enters into time at that first moment and changes simultaneously with His creating the universe; just as the arrow begins to move at some conventional first moment which is simultaneous with the release of the arrow
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