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Lecture to The History DepartmentLecture to The History Department
The deconstruction of eurocentric myths and the reconstruction of global histories of material progress in china and the west from the accession of the ming
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Effects of the Rwanda Genocide IntroductionEffects of the Rwanda Genocide Introduction
Many believed that the sole reason of the genocide was the division of power among the Hutu and Tutsi. Yet, was that the only contributing factor?
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Miles, Mutants & Microbes PrefaceMiles, Mutants & Microbes Preface
What I'll be defending is my selection criteria for assembling this grouping of tales, and it will mainly be of interest to old Bujold readers
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From the \"Tragedy of the Commons\" to the \"Tragedy of the Commonplace\"From the "Tragedy of the Commons" to the "Tragedy of the Commonplace"
Economics is defined so broadly in the textbooks* that an economist would not be outside the profession’s domain to answer the two main policy questions of this conference
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Gurutz JáureguiGurutz Jáuregui
I do not aim to question the usefulness and intrinsic validity of states, but the process of essentialism, timelessness and canonisation to which they have been, and are still being, subjected in political thought
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Scan This Book! by Kevin KellyScan This Book! by Kevin Kelly
In several dozen nondescript office buildings around the world, thousands of hourly workers bend over table-top scanners and haul dusty books into high-tech scanning booths. They are assembling the universal library page by page
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