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Lethal Violence, Crime and State Formation in CambodiaLethal Violence, Crime and State Formation in Cambodia
Rates of violent crime were higher in rural areas but Phnom Penh experienced high levels of property crime compared to the provinces. The homicide rate is compared with neighbouring countries and the role of modernisation
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Musicology, §I: The nature of musicology (vincent duckles, jann pasler) MusicologyMusicology, §I: The nature of musicology (vincent duckles, jann pasler) Musicology
Jams, VIII, p. 153. The last of these four attributes gives the definition considerable breadth, although music, and music as an ‘art’, remains at the centre of the investigation
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Coles County Illinois Judge Violates LawColes County Illinois Judge Violates Law
Any Judge that does not fulfill his obligations under the power of his oath must be relieved from his duties, until the proper investigation has been implemented to determine the severity of the allegations
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Suicide and BiopowerSuicide and Biopower
This equivocal passage from Foucault explodes the possibilities for theorizing suicide. But what, I wonder, are Foucault’s specific motivations for entering this particular dialectic
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