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History of the Peloponnesian WarHistory of the Peloponnesian War
Greece, to build up the powerful Athenian navy and its own economic prosperity. Thus, the conflict with Sparta which had the stronger army, was "inevitable"
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Thucydides’ Melian Dialogue The Melian DialogueThucydides’ Melian Dialogue The Melian Dialogue
Next summer Alcibiades sailed to Argos with twenty ships and seized 300 Argive citizens who were still suspected of being pro-Spartan. These were put by the Athenians into the nearby islands under Athenian control
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Topic: Did the Colonists find what they were looking for in America? Early colonists and immigrants to AmericaTopic: Did the Colonists find what they were looking for in America? Early colonists and immigrants to America
N groups of 4-6, read each group of people that settled in the New World and eventually formed the British Colonies. For each group of people, first
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Part 1 DirectionsPart 1 Directions
The Han dynasty, which ruled over China for more than four centuries from 206 bc to ad 220, not only governed the empire effectively, but also created an environment in which art, literature, education and scientific innovations flourished
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Review of Asian StudiesReview of Asian Studies
Western classics.”4 Actually, during the formative age of the United States, Jefferson wanted to incorporate positive elements from Chinese civilization to help him create a new culture in North America
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The English Arrive in AmericaThe English Arrive in America
English settlers traveled to America seeking land and an escape from religious persecution. By the early 7700s, 13 colonies had been founded along the Atlantic coast of North America. The
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Assessment Schedule – 2010Assessment Schedule – 2010
History: Examine a significant historical situation in the context of change, in an essay (90658)
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The Power of BarbaraThe Power of Barbara
Whether the person is being saved from evil, or if they are shot to death, it is under the persuasion of money. The holder of money, Undershaft, is who ultimately gets the most say about people
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