general constitution

Review for examination 2Review for examination 2
Like all other powers, and perhaps more than all other powers, the authority of the many requires the sanction of time; at first it enforces obedience by constraint, but its laws are not respected until they have long been maintained
Review 42.37 Kb. 1
The constitution of the united states as an inspired documentThe constitution of the united states as an inspired document
Bown, Catherine Drinker, The Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September 1787, [Boston: Little, Brown 1986]
74.45 Kb. 1
Ludwig Feuerbach (28 July 1804-13 September 1872)Ludwig Feuerbach (28 July 1804-13 September 1872)
All the attributes of the divine nature are, therefore, attributes of the human nature
23.97 Kb. 1


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