fundamental obligation

Robert Vannoy, Exodus to Exile, Lecture 4ARobert Vannoy, Exodus to Exile, Lecture 4A
Moses will be 1400–1200 B. C., and if you look at the dates of these law codes, they run down from 2000–1500 B. C. So there are five law codes that are demonstratively earlier in time than what you might call the Covenant Code in Exodus
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I introductionI introduction
Balancing civil liberties against national security? A critique of counterterrorism rhetoric
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Convocation Address Albright College, Reading paConvocation Address Albright College, Reading pa
I've been asked to speak about "the role of academics and scholarship in [my] own career and in the life of the College and its students." I'm also supposed to take on this topic in "approximately 10 minutes or less."
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