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Chapter summaryChapter summary
Plenty of jobs allowed labor unions to grow quickly. The status and activities of women and minorities were deeply affected. There were shifts toward equality and there were blatant abuses of civil rights
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Philosophy and Religion BuddhismPhilosophy and Religion Buddhism
Buddhism emphasizes on experiencing, rather than teaching or learning. It considers meditation as the means to enlightenment and is based on a number of principles
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Meaning of Life Course director: JoplingMeaning of Life Course director: Jopling
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Theatre and Individualism: Henrik Ibsen, a doll’s HouseTheatre and Individualism: Henrik Ibsen, a doll’s House
We’ve been listening to some traditional Norwegian folk music, to set the scene, the scene against which, to some extent, Ibsen rebelled. So at the end of the lecture we’ll hear a striking modern take on traditional Norwegian music which I think he would
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Ethics of Development in a Global Environment Professor LusignanEthics of Development in a Global Environment Professor Lusignan
Japanese cities was the correct choice. However, opponents of the use of atomic bombs, many of who were scientists intimately linked to the development of such weapons
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Mim presents world\Mim presents world's first translation of excerpts of Comrade Gonzalo's "Interview" into English
The general political economy of Peru is now well-know even in the bourgeois press. Peru is experiencing 2000% inflation, double-digit unemployment, widespread and worsening starvation and death squad government
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Cultural practices and hiv in south africa: a legal perspectiveCultural practices and hiv in south africa: a legal perspective
Law is not everything, but [it] is not nothing either. Perhaps the most important lesson is that the mountain can be moved… [and] women's experiences can be written into the law, even though clearly tensions [will] remai
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A copernican Revolution in Ethics? Terrell Ward BynumA copernican Revolution in Ethics? Terrell Ward Bynum
To live effectively is to live with adequate information. Thus, communication and control belong to the essence of man’s inner life, even as they belong to his life in society. Norbert Wiener 1954
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May 2014 Updates Chapter 2: Institutional Foundations and the Evolution of the StateMay 2014 Updates Chapter 2: Institutional Foundations and the Evolution of the State
Regarding the Royal Proclamation of 1763, it would be more correct to say that it was the British governors, on the ground, who resisted the idea of imposing the English language and Protestant religion on such a homogenous French-Catholic
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Bombs, barbarians, and backstories: Meaning-making within Sid Meier\Bombs, barbarians, and backstories: Meaning-making within Sid Meier's Civilization Introduction
I first found myself first writing about Sid Meier’s Civilization using it, along with Mark Baldwin’s Empire (Interstel, 1987), as a prototypical example of computer strategy games shortly after the game’s commercial release by Microprose just
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I introductionI introduction
Further, it misses the opportunity that Indigenous-Australian land laws offer to the development of a distinctively Australian property law — one that has confidently departed from its colonial origins and is well-adapted and responsive to the real of
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The Attachment of Greed to Self-interestThe Attachment of Greed to Self-interest
Emphasis is placed on the connection between greed and loss, with greed understood as a response to the threat of loss. The problem of greed and loss is developed through a discussion of Russell Bank's novel
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1 A “Copernican” Shift?1 A “Copernican” Shift?
Revolutionary science, on the other hand, occurs when a number of “anomalies” begin to creep into the results of experiments and observations. Some predictions do not come true and the old theories fail to provide satisfying explanations
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Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our ChoiceIndividualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our Choice
This is the ideal that the American Founders set forth and sought to establish when they drafted the Declaration and the Constitution and created a country in which the individual’s rights to life, liberty, property
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Position Paper, ‘Creative Writing and Professionalism’Position Paper, ‘Creative Writing and Professionalism’
The relationship between English and Creative Writing is changing as more ba programmes in Creative Writing are established. How does this relationship operate and how is it presented to students, staff, institutions and external bodies?
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