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Performing Arts in Art Lesson PlanPerforming Arts in Art Lesson Plan
Students will discuss a page from a late-medieval choir book, including its function and how it was made. They will learn how music was notated in the Middle Ages and practice a simplified method of notating music
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Chapter 33: The Development of Modernist Art The Early 20th CenturyChapter 33: The Development of Modernist Art The Early 20th Century
World War I, the Great Depression, the rise of totalitarianism, and World War II exacerbated this schizophrenic attitude. The arts reflected this same mind set in the lofty utopian vision of the Bauhaus and De Stijl, on one hand
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The early 20th century text pages 960–1029The early 20th century text pages 960–1029
Enlightenment belief in a mechanistic universe o the belief that reason and knowledge would lead to progress and the moral impovement of humanity. Match the individual on the left with the brief description of their work on the right
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Course descriptionCourse description
Films take many forms and are shaped by a wide range of cultural conditions and perspectives. In this course, you will learn how to analyze films and their forms by examining how moving images communicate to audiences in a variety of
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Heide Goettner-Abendroth: The Dancing Goddess. Principles of a Matriarchal AestheticHeide Goettner-Abendroth: The Dancing Goddess. Principles of a Matriarchal Aesthetic
The Dancing Goddess. Principles of a Matriarchal Aesthetic Beacon Press, Boston ma, 1991
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Formalist Criticism Position: New CriticismFormalist Criticism Position: New Criticism
A close reading of a work would consider such elements as diction, tone, figurative language, style, syntax, and rhetorical orientation. A formalist criticism bases its inquiry on the work itself, the text (Meyer)
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The Expressionism of Matisse and KirchnerThe Expressionism of Matisse and Kirchner
It could reference a desire to express oneself artistically by creating form and color that came from the artist’s mind or it could be about expressing ideas and emotions
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Feminist Art in U. S. began at csu, Fresno!Feminist Art in U. S. began at csu, Fresno!
Peg Brand work for Oct. 2010 show “Scientific Inquiry, Artistic Expression: iu school of Medicine Juried Art Exhibition
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Thinking beyond \"sources\"Thinking beyond "sources"
Forthcoming inTransnational to Translational: Literature, Gender, Migration, ed. Jamina Lukic, Central European University Press
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Carolyn Korsmeyer, 1950Carolyn Korsmeyer, 1950
Fair in Aesthetics. Her book Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy (1999) explores the neglected gustatory sense of taste and its claims for aesthetic status
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A history of PhilosophyA history of Philosophy
Kant places an obvious emphasis on the problem of metaphysics
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Can the Law Help Us to be Moral?Can the Law Help Us to be Moral?
A good constitution is not to be expected from morality, but, conversely, a good moral condition of a people is to be expected only under a good constitution
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