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Did the Cold War really start in the period 1919-39?Did the Cold War really start in the period 1919-39?
Case Study Question: How did the Munich Agreement of September 1938 affect relations between the ussr and Britain and France?
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The National Archives Learning Curve Exhibition: The Cold War Teacher NotesThe National Archives Learning Curve Exhibition: The Cold War Teacher Notes
West and the Bolshevik government, pre 1945, never form part of any examination course. That said, I have never felt it satisfactory to simply start the Cold War in 1945, because it begs the obvious question as to what had gone before
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Guide bibliographiqueGuide bibliographique
Mark Almond et M. R. D. Foot dans The Oxford Companion to the Second World War ‡ l'article "Historiography", qu'il semble tout indiquÈ de citer ici vu leur utilitÈ pour quiconque veut entamer des recherches sur ce sujet
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Ecological Imperialism: The Curse of CapitalismEcological Imperialism: The Curse of Capitalism
It is no wonder, then, that the last few years have seen a growth of concern about ecological imperialism, which in many eyes has become as significant as the more familiar political
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Module Aims and Learning Objectives Strategic aims of the courseModule Aims and Learning Objectives Strategic aims of the course
First World War, as well as a detailed examination of the Anglo-American system of Diplomacy. The module also considers the issues of Diplomatic immunity, protocol and the role played by the resident embassy
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Mika SuonpääMika Suonpää
Cultural difference and overseas expansion: British enterprise in Southeast Europe and attitudes to Balkan Slavs as business partners, c. 1878-1914
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The growth of the British Empire was an ostentatious symbol of this influence. Therefore, Britain’s aim was to safeguard its global position and that meant that there had to be peace. Britain’s commercial power depended on maintaining its
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Project Gutenberg\Project Gutenberg's Real Soldiers of Fortune, by Richard Harding Davis
Milan of Servia. These are only a few of his military titles. In 1884 was published a book giving the story of his life up to that year. It
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Neutral Citation No: [2002] ewca civ 1598 in the supreme court of judicature court of appealNeutral Citation No: [2002] ewca civ 1598 in the supreme court of judicature court of appeal
Mr n blake qc; Mr Philippe Sands and Mr Ben Cooper
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Reply of the Federal GovernmentReply of the Federal Government
Earnest Inquiry of Representatives Hermann Groehe, Dr. Heiner Geissler, Monika Brudlewsky, Dr. Christian Schwaz-Schilling, Matthaeus Strebl, Dr. Norbert Bluem, Rainer Eppelmann, Hubert Hueppe, Hans-Peter Repnik, Dr
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Graham Allison and Philip ZelikowGraham Allison and Philip Zelikow
Why were the ballistic missiles discovered? On October 14, Pliyev suspected the missiles had been discovered; on October 18, Gribkov was informed of this suspicion. Why did the Soviets in Cuba not transmit this back to Moscow?
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Uk energy Governance Change and the ‘Russian Bear’: 2003-2007Uk energy Governance Change and the ‘Russian Bear’: 2003-2007
Energy underpins our daily lives: it lights our streets, heats our homes, powers our industry, and fuels our vehicles. That’s why securing cheap
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Cracking Enigma D. G. Christensen IntroductionCracking Enigma D. G. Christensen Introduction
Fred Winterbotham, the raf officer responsible for distributing the secrets gleaned in Enigma decrypts, wrote “[the war’s outcome] was, in fact, a very narrow shave
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Contention 1: IslamophobiaContention 1: Islamophobia
Surveillance programs disproportionately target Muslim-American communities; places of worship, business, community centers, and even student organization are subject to forms of mass surveillance
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The Falklands War, 1982The Falklands War, 1982
Here, we can see the Falklands. There are in fact two main islands, West Falkland and East Falkland, and around them, though we cannot see them on the map, there are around 780 smaller uninhabited islands
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