first-person perspective

Searle’s Ontology of the Mind in the Universe: a criticismSearle’s Ontology of the Mind in the Universe: a criticism
Needless to say, many philosophers consider (a) and (b) to be inconsistent. Dualists, for instance, accept (b) and for that reason reject (a), materialists conversely reject
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The Zombic Hunch: Extinction of an Intuition?The Zombic Hunch: Extinction of an Intuition?
Saul Steinberg’s New Yorker cover. If this is the metaphorical truth about consciousness, what is the literal truth? What is going on in the world
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Connecting Poetry & Art Lesson PlanConnecting Poetry & Art Lesson Plan
Students explore the topic of portraiture, describe and analyze a sculptor’s self-portrait, and compose poems using simile and symbolism. This lesson is suited for the end of a unit or semester, or for a year-end project
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Thomas Metzinger \"Consciousness\"Thomas Metzinger "Consciousness"
The third section is divided into 12 subsections, with 10 subject headings for philosophical articles along with two additional subsections for articles in cognitive science and neuroscience
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Enlightening if: Andrew Plotkin\Enlightening if: Andrew Plotkin's "Shade"
Douglass, Jeremy. "Enlightening if : Andrew Plotkin's Shade." Eds. Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and Pat Harrigan. Cambridge, ma: mit press, 2006. Forthcoming 2006
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