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Vocabulary 38th Parallel : Line of latitude which divided North and South KoreaVocabulary 38th Parallel : Line of latitude which divided North and South Korea
Theses : Document written by Martin Luther detailing what he believed to be the problems in the medieval Church
331.44 Kb. 4
Introduction to romanity, romania, roumeliIntroduction to romanity, romania, roumeli
Romans for their cacodoxy. Not only have they deserted the city (of Rome) and the capital of the Empire, but they have also abandoned Roman nationality and even the Latin language
90.44 Kb. 1
Buddhism in china and japanBuddhism in china and japan
Buddhism comes to China sometime in the second century C. E. during the time of the Han dynasty and it comes via one of the most famous of ancient trade routes – the Silk Road
22.96 Kb. 1
St. Mark’s First Entry into Egypt ObjectiveSt. Mark’s First Entry into Egypt Objective
There will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt.”
56.69 Kb. 1
Chinese Religion/Philosophy directionsChinese Religion/Philosophy directions
Rections: Carefully read the introductory information about Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism and Buddhism. Then read each quote. Then discuss the following critical thinking questions in your small group and write your answer
60.61 Kb. 1


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