federal writers project

Division Of Public ProgramsDivision Of Public Programs
Planning a web-based platform to engage young people in exploring the Federal Writers Project and the world of the 1930s, including virtual reality, gaming, and social networking
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Invisible ManInvisible Man
I love short stories because I believe they are the way we live. They are what our friends tell us, in their pain and joy, their passion and rage, their yearning and their cry against injustice. — Andre Dubus
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Representations of Power Relationships in American LiteratureRepresentations of Power Relationships in American Literature
From exploration of the literature of the industrial revolution to Southern regionalism, students will arrive in the modern area with a new background to better frame understandings of power relations today
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Important literary works with which ap u. S. Hist. Students should be familiarImportant literary works with which ap u. S. Hist. Students should be familiar
Crevecoeur noted that an American phenomenon of fusing ideas, ethnic backgrounds, and Old World cultural characteristics was becoming a legitimate possibility
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Subject: Indentured Servants and SlavesSubject: Indentured Servants and Slaves
Students will examine and compare the lives of slaves and indentured servants using primary sources and the historical fiction books, Molly Bannaky and Barefoot
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Lesson plan children in the fieldsLesson plan children in the fields
Hispanic children still work alongside their parents in California’s fields today. In this unit students will learn about the California agriculture industry and the experiences of child laborers in this industry
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