Portraits of Kingship in the Pèlerinage de CharlemagnePortraits of Kingship in the Pèlerinage de Charlemagne
Essai d'explication littéraire avec des notes de critique textuelle Paris: "Les Belles Lettres"
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Write an essay about Pre-Roman BritainWrite an essay about Pre-Roman Britain
Thus England's peculiar character as an island nation came about through its very isolation. Early man came, settled, farmed and built. His remains tell us much about his lifestyle and his habits
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Veit Rosenberger \"Individualization\"Veit Rosenberger "Individualization"
Graf's verdict for the moment. One of the approaches in tracking down “individualization” is to delve into the ancient epistolographic tradition. 2 In this paper, I would like to analyze the letters of Pliny, Trajan, Libanius and Julian
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