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Writing the History of Our DisciplineWriting the History of Our Discipline
From An Introduction to Composition Studies, ed. Gary Tate and Erika C. Lindemann (New York: Oxford up 1991), 49- 71
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Rebbes, hasidim, and authentic kehillahsRebbes, hasidim, and authentic kehillahs
Cremin goes further, that beyond the individual institutions of education, "a new problematics for the history of education must concern itself with clusters, or constellations, or configurations of related institutions." 3
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Ap exam: test taking tipsAp exam: test taking tips
Read the question slowly. Every word in the stem is important. Skipping one word could change the question’s intent and meaning completely. Underlining or circling key words may be helpful
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It shall be the ballot or the bulletIt shall be the ballot or the bullet
Y very heartening and encouraging for me to see so many of our people take time to come out, especially on Easter Sunday night. You and I are not a people who are used to going anywhere on Easter night--or on Easter Sunday night--to hear anything to do
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Stalin, Mao, Kim, and China\Stalin, Mao, Kim, and China's Decision to Enter the Korean War, Sept. 16-Oct. 15, 1950: New Evidence from Russian Archives, article and translations by Alexandre Y. Mansourov
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