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Additional strategiesAdditional strategies
Ask students if any of them has ever been kept out of a group that they wanted to be part of
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Consciousness. John R. Searle. AbstractConsciousness. John R. Searle. Abstract
These two approaches are discussed and reasons are given for preferring the unified field theory to the building block model. Some relevant research on consciousness involves the subjects of blindsight, the split-brain experiments
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Anthropology Meets Photography on the InternetAnthropology Meets Photography on the Internet
Finnish and British students of photography and anthropology, but also potentially one which reaches out to many other places, people and disciplines through the medium of the internet
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Homes of the WealthyHomes of the Wealthy
For security purposes, windows, when they were present, were very small openings with wooden shutters that were closed at night or in bad weather. The small size of the windows allowed those inside to see out
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Life in the Middle AgesLife in the Middle Ages
Most people lived on a manor, which consisted of the castle, the church, the village, and the surrounding farm land. These manors were isolated, with occasional visits from peddlers, pilgrims on their way to the Crusades
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