Group 1: The Bantu CultureGroup 1: The Bantu Culture
They cultivated yams and oil palms. They also kept goats and raised guinea fowl. They lived in clan based villages headed by chiefs who conducted religious rituals and represented their communities in dealings with neighboring villages
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Egyptian and Mayan PyramidsEgyptian and Mayan Pyramids
Horns honk! Drivers lean out of their windows and call out to each other in the busy Egyptian streets. Clouds of yellow dust rise up from the sun-baked pavement. Nearby
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Baloney DetectionBaloney Detection
When lecturing on science and pseudoscience at colleges and universities, I am inevitably asked, after challenging common beliefs held by many students,``Why should we believe you'' My answer:``You shouldn't''
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The Mayan and Egyptian PyramidsThe Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian legacy. However, they are not the only people who built them as we can find pyramids in South America too. Mayan and Egyptian pyramids are alike and different in several ways such as their physical appearance, purpose
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Ancient Times Ancient EgyptAncient Times Ancient Egypt
If we could travel back 3000 years before Jesus Christ (that’s 3000bc folks!) to the Nile River in Africa, we would find one of the oldest developed civilizations in the world: the Egyptians
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