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The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel, Dau translation, p 409. To state it affirmatively, we’re going to preach Jesus’ death on the cross clearly in every sermon so that a visitor who previously knew nothing of God’s plan of salvation could now come
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Chapter 6 Public Opinion, Voting, and ElectionsChapter 6 Public Opinion, Voting, and Elections
Not only do we argue over the true meaning of any specific election, we also believe that existing public opinion and voting patterns are subject to shifts in the public mood. No public opinion is set in concrete
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Animal Minds, Animal DreamsAnimal Minds, Animal Dreams
The drug converts them into sleepwalkers. Finally, imagine that a new form of this drug has permanent effects, abolishing consciousness forever with no effect on behavior. I want to test it on you. How much will I have to pay you to take
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Plays on the Heroes Heracles Euripides – AlcestisPlays on the Heroes Heracles Euripides – Alcestis
Heracles gets drunk and a servant tells him about the death of Alcestis. Ashamed at his behaviour Heracles goes to the tomb before the funerary rites are completed and wrestles Thanatos fro Alcestis. He restores her to Admetus before continuing with
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Commentaar slides pwp Theater + acropolisCommentaar slides pwp Theater + acropolis
Athena dat plaatsvond voor haar tempel, het Parthenon, op de arcopolis. Normaal duurde het feest twee dagen. Om de 4 jaar duurde het feest echter 4 dagen
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The Good Old Days By Larry Eyre, iw superintendentThe Good Old Days By Larry Eyre, iw superintendent
TV’s in a house with two people! But as we looked at all of the new technology it reminded me of growing up in a house with five people and one tv. Is it possible that in today’s culture we suffer from having too much?
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Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al: The Role of Darwinian Evolutionism in Their LivesHitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al: The Role of Darwinian Evolutionism in Their Lives
What a person believes to be true about the Origins of all that is (mankind included), absolutely and without a doubt colors that individual’s philosophy of life in all its aspects
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