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Article reviewArticle review
The review process needs to be standardized in order to obtain comparable results
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Assignment I: Historical and International Development of Inclusive EducationAssignment I: Historical and International Development of Inclusive Education
Inclusive Education. The paper will briefly explore the historical and international development of Inclusive Education and discuss on the current concerns in relation to an education system of Bhutan, a small Himalayan country in Asia
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Conflict ResearchConflict Research
French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, which became the precursor of the growth of nationalism throughout Europe. There was global integration at one level through capitalism, and at another level
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Primary Source PaperPrimary Source Paper
You may also want to do some extra research to enhance your paper, and that will depend on your topic, but it is not necessary. I did not order copies of these books, so you will need to find them at the library or order them on your own
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Programme informationProgramme information
Prospective students should consult the latest prospectus and/or course pages online for programme entry requirements
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