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Casino Sovereignty Teaching American History WorkshopCasino Sovereignty Teaching American History Workshop
Bingo and then casinos. In some ways, these casinos have reinforced sovereignty and tribal independence. In other ways, they have undermined tribal cohesion. At the end of today, we’ll debate these issues, but first, let’s play some bingo
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1997 acf nationals Questions by Maryland B1997 acf nationals Questions by Maryland B
New South Wales in 1805. Although his most famous expedition was a failure, he repeated it successfully in 1791. For ten points, name the captain who was collecting breadfruit trees in Tahiti when he and 18 of his men were set adrift by mutineers on
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Fordham university school of lawFordham university school of law
Jews. Petitioners, a couple with two daughters, are Arabs. They requested to live in the settlement of Katzir. According to petitioners, their request was immediately denied by reason of their being Arabs
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