court having jurisdiction

The alien and sedition actsThe alien and sedition acts
Intention to become a citizen of the United States, five years, at least, before his admission, and shall, at the time of his application to be admitted, declare and prove, to the satisfaction of the court having jurisdiction in the case
11.04 Kb. 1
Constitution, Bylaws & Articles of AssociationConstitution, Bylaws & Articles of Association
We, the people of name-of-association, grateful for our freedom, in order to secure the blessings of justice, peace, liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness, and above all love, do establish this Constitution
81.19 Kb. 1
Probate of an Indian Decedent’s Trust, Personal, and Real PropertyProbate of an Indian Decedent’s Trust, Personal, and Real Property
This article sets out how aipra governs the probate process for trust or restricted land1 and then describes the established, if complicated, system of probate for an Indian decedent’s non-trust land personal and real property
88.4 Kb. 1


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