History of skepticism. In search of consistencyHistory of skepticism. In search of consistency
In pursuing both these lines, a historical reconstruction of the most important skeptical stances, ranging from ancient times to contemporary times, is connected with their assessment, particularly in terms of their consistency
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Possible Term Paper Topics and InstructionsPossible Term Paper Topics and Instructions
The topics listed below do not define the entire universe of subjects available to you. If you have another idea for a paper topic, check it out with me
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I. definintionI. definintion
Persuasion is a process of verbal and nonverbal communication that consciously attempts to
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Social and Political RecognitionSocial and Political Recognition
Evidently the various ways we are recognised (and recognise others) play an important role in shaping our quality of life. Recognition theorists go further than this, arguing that recognition can help form, or even determine
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Medical ethicsMedical ethics
Thomas A. Raffin, md (Assoc prof and chairman of the ethics committee, Stanford Univ. Medical Center) et al., Intensive Care: Facing the Critical Choices, 1989
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Natural Law and Hinduism IntroductionNatural Law and Hinduism Introduction
Western Christian tradition of natural law resonates with other religious and philosophical traditions in the contemporary world. Moreover, it claims to be able to identify universal common ground across a number of religious traditions
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The Luck of the Scottish: a revision of the Universal British Emigration ExperienceThe Luck of the Scottish: a revision of the Universal British Emigration Experience
Only through analyzing these variables can one begin to comprehend the statistics from the period. The mid nineteenth century was most certainly a time of devastating famines and disease ridden ships, however
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