Grant report period March 1, 2006 – May 31, 2006Grant report period March 1, 2006 – May 31, 2006
McLennan County jail. The defense attorneys have expressed their total approval of the video teleconference system. We have not received any negative comments from any of the defense attorneys
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10a ncac 27g. 3813 placement criteria for assessed dwi clients10a ncac 27g. 3813 placement criteria for assessed dwi clients
Clients who have completed a dwi substance abuse assessment shall be placed in the appropriate service level
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Running Head: emotion-focused therapyRunning Head: emotion-focused therapy
A case example illustrates how the principles of eft helped a patient overcome her core maladaptive shame and basic insecurity in a relatively brief treatment of depression
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Chapter 17 0chapter outline0Chapter 17 0chapter outline0
Competency to stand trial assesses the individual's mental state at the time of the trial. There are several criteria for competence. If individuals are found incompetent, they are committed, but only for finite periods
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Insert agency nameInsert agency name
References: American Academy of Pediatrics (aap), 2007; Contraceptive Technology, 20th Ed
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Enhancing motivationEnhancing motivation
Motivitional interviewing and stages of change
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