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Divine Liturgy Variables on the Fiftieth Day after Pascha The Great Feast of PentecostDivine Liturgy Variables on the Fiftieth Day after Pascha The Great Feast of Pentecost
Note to clergy: Remember to include this special petition in the Great Litany before the one for the head of state, as directed by the Antiochian Archdiocese
24.21 Kb. 1
Christ and his angels, and satan and his angelsChrist and his angels, and satan and his angels
Note: The Biographical Sketch, Foreword and references at the end of each chapter were not written by Ellen White or in the original book
91.05 Kb. 1
Bible, King James Version Matthew MatBible, King James Version Matthew Mat
The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham
144.48 Kb. 15
The Passion According to John For Good FridayThe Passion According to John For Good Friday
The congregation remaining seated, the Passion Gospel is read in parts led by a narrator who begins by saying: The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Saint John
29.81 Kb. 1
Mythological allusionsMythological allusions
Achilles' heel – today, one spot that is most vulnerable; one weakness a person may have. Achilles was invulnerable except for his heel
63.45 Kb. 1
Ocr g574: as new Testament ksw rp revision NotesOcr g574: as new Testament ksw rp revision Notes
Read and re-read the account of the Resurrection in the Synoptic Gospels, learning the differences
83.09 Kb. 1
Identity Crisis Resolved Mark 10: 32-45 St. John\Identity Crisis Resolved Mark 10: 32-45 St. John's East Moline 03/22/15 Intro
The problem with the disciples, and so many others, is that they really don't know who they are. They mistakenly identify themselves as being worthy to drink from the cup. In today's Gospel
19.42 Kb. 1
What it means to follow the leaderWhat it means to follow the leader
To begin this morning I want to play a little game with you…for just a minute or so we are going to play, “Follow the Leader.”
54.14 Kb. 1
Chapter fifteenChapter fifteen
It was in the second year of Okonkwo's exile that his friend, Obierika, came to visit him. He brought with him two young men, each of them carrying a heavy bag on his head. Okonkwo helped them put down their loads
62.79 Kb. 1
Pray Introduction Restate class \"user\Pray Introduction Restate class "user's guide"
What was the most pivotal event of the last century? How about the last millennium? What about in all of human history?
42.13 Kb. 1
Good Friday Sermon OutlineGood Friday Sermon Outline
I want to know Christ” and concentrates on our identification with Christ in his death and resurrection, and in the paradox of His greatness and triumph in His self-emptying (kenosis)
29.08 Kb. 1
Phoenix. Az saturday 63-1214Phoenix. Az saturday 63-1214
So while we do have it, and in our right mind, I think one of the most sensible things that anyone can do while God has given us the opportunity to do so, is to do it, get our cups filled now with His love and mercy
202.62 Kb. 4
Feast of the epiphany year cFeast of the epiphany year c
Magi respond to a God who calls everyone, as he or she may be. In contrast the chief priests and the scribes are not open to the revelation of God. We must not miss the wonder of the presence of God in our lives especially when that presence challenges our
9.15 Kb. 1


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