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\"analysis\", \"cosmetics\" and \"lead\""analysis", "cosmetics" and "lead"
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The Periodic Table: Highlights from the History of an IconThe Periodic Table: Highlights from the History of an Icon
For that matter, was it discovered or invented? These are just a few of the questions to be touched on in a whirlwind tour of the history of the periodic table from its devising to the present
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Alessandro Dondoni Professor of Organic ChemistryAlessandro Dondoni Professor of Organic Chemistry
Special Professorship Degree (Libera Docenza) in Physical Organic Chemistry, the University of Bologna in 1969
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A brief Global History of MetallurgyA brief Global History of Metallurgy
The final marked stage of metallurgy is the iron stage, the process of hammering, tempering, quenching and annealing iron and iron alloys that required metallurgists a mastery of metallurgical techniques far beyond that of the earlier native ore
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