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Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now ComparisonHeart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now Comparison
Heart of Darkness follows the narrative of Marlow, a character mirrored in Apocalypse Now by the name of Willard. These characters are both independent minded and philosophical, on a mission to find Kurtz
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The Fountainhead Socratic Seminar GuideThe Fountainhead Socratic Seminar Guide
Many claimed that the novel was “too intellectual,” “too controversial” and that “no audience existed” for it. Does this novel have merit outside of its intellectual value? Can it stand alone as a novel without consideration of
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I had to dispense with the facts or you wouldn’t have perceived the truthI had to dispense with the facts or you wouldn’t have perceived the truth
Oscar bait’. So it comes as some surprise then, when “The Act of Killing” bids to outdo all its genre predecessors by breaking down the very foundations upon which documentary genre was built
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Justin Marks Professor WalkerJustin Marks Professor Walker
Throughout the story we learn a lot about Perry’s background, mental instability and the effects Perry’s crimes have on society. In Cold Blood illustrates that an individual with a violent and abusive childhood, such as Perry Smith
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