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Somalia: a tradition of Law a research paper by Nicola GladitzSomalia: a tradition of Law a research paper by Nicola Gladitz
Although numerous “kingdoms” came and went throughout Somalia’s history, most of the activity took place along the strategically valuable cities and coastal areas
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Lanzarote committeeLanzarote committee
Committee of the Parties to the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (t-es)
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The Mars SocietyThe Mars Society
Mars Society members who would like to arrange a short meeting with [legislator's name] when it is convenient. The Mars Society is a non-profit organization that advocates the public and private exploration of and, in particular
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Griffith v. BymerGriffith v. Bymer
This is yet another doctrine that deals with unexpected losses. It is a doctrine that answers the question, "When something goes wrong, who gets stuck with the loss?" The doctrine is concerned with mistakes
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Restricted: when completedRestricted: when completed
Guidance notes: National referral form for potential adult victims of trafficking
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