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Sixth editionSixth edition
British Political Parties (2nd edition) Pressure Politics in Industrialised Societies
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As Robert Pastor explains inAs Robert Pastor explains in
The resulting structure formed by this delicate relationship was the platform upon which government leaders, individuals as diverse as the times in which they lived
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United States. In retrospect, that prosperity rested on a shaky foundation. The collapse of the U. S. economy from 1929 generated an international downturn of unparalleled severity in the modern world
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Chapter 12 – the byzantine empire and western europe to 1000 global perspectivesChapter 12 – the byzantine empire and western europe to 1000 global perspectives
What caused the prolonged separation of western European civilization from its Classical past? What were the consequences of this separation for western Europe?
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Erika Pani, Instituto MoraErika Pani, Instituto Mora
Center scholar, supported by a generous grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. During her period of residence, she prepared this working paper on comparative citizenship in Mexico and the United States
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