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Causes of the warCauses of the war
Athenian general and historian, in his work History of the Peloponnesian War. Most of the extant comedies of Aristophanes were written during this war, and poke fun at the generals and events
23.51 Kb. 1
776, with the first Olympics776, with the first Olympics
Mother-cities and their colonies usually maintained close ties, but the colony was an independent city-state
39.61 Kb. 1
The Persian WarsThe Persian Wars
9.87 Kb. 1
Fjcl hellenic History Study Guide (shortened) All dates are bcFjcl hellenic History Study Guide (shortened) All dates are bc
Olympics (In the later 700s, eighth century). The Greek city-states began to found colonies. When a colony was founded, the oecist, the leader of the colonists, usually an outcast noble
27.11 Kb. 1


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