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Parker: Aesthetic Experience The Principles of AestheticsParker: Aesthetic Experience The Principles of Aesthetics
Footnote from Chapter IV: Throughout this discussion, I use "experience of art," "aesthetic experience," and "beauty" with the same meaning.]
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All that is Solid Melts into AiriAll that is Solid Melts into Airi
Unlike the postmodern art production, however, Plenge Jakobsen is interested more in the individual meanings of the referents and their interrelationships than in their collective and mutually leveling form of appearance
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Paper prompt: comparative expression essayPaper prompt: comparative expression essay
Possible topics of discussion include, but are not limited to: form, function, purpose, subject matter, representation, new art perspectives/inventions, placement, materials, proportions, etc. Also
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2010 acf national Championship Editor’s Round (Playoff #5)2010 acf national Championship Editor’s Round (Playoff #5)
Although its most famous result was proved earlier by Abel, the establishment of this field led to a deeper understanding of the insolubility of the quintic equation by radicals
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Haim Maor-The First Israeli 2Haim Maor-The First Israeli 2
Adapted and modified from a longer article: “Mediums of Memory” by Stephen C. Feinstein in Efraim Sicher (ed), Breaking Crystal
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Acf fall Tournament 2002Acf fall Tournament 2002
The veteran soldier Jim Conklin comforts the main character, who picks up the flag after the color-bearer falls in battle. Ftp, identify this novel about Henry Fleming, a Civil War novel by Stephen Crane
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