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Constitutional court of south africaConstitutional court of south africa
Angola”, and were doing so for motives of personal gain, notwithstanding the disastrous effect of the Angolan civil war on the inhabitants of that country. The articles were published under the by-line of Dale Lautenbach
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Citizenship of the union: towards post-national membership? Josephine ShawCitizenship of the union: towards post-national membership? Josephine Shaw
But in terms of its translation into rights and privileges, it is no longer a significant construction. Thus the universalistic status of personhood and postnational elements of membership coexist with assertive national identities and intense
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Editor: David BermanEditor: David Berman
First, by listing sources that he missed and indicating their place in the LL. Second, by supplementing his catalogue of the editor’s insertions, that is, passages we can now very reasonably accept as Berkeley’s
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Essay by Celine ClarkEssay by Celine Clark
It deeply influenced views of other aspects of slave life including family mores, religion, music, folk tales, art, and the nature and extent of slave resistance to oppression
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A liberal Argument for Regime ChangeA liberal Argument for Regime Change
Iraq. What's more, it's a case that ought to appeal not just to militaristic Bushie-Blairite hawks but also to lily-livered bleeding-heart liberals
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Ap language & CompositionAp language & Composition
It is hoped that through their compositions students will “read primary and secondary sources carefully, to synthesize material from these texts in their own compositions
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The Obituary as BricolageThe Obituary as Bricolage
UK. His interests cover philosophical issues arising from the intersections of business, technology, and information. This includes the ethics of computing and critical approaches to information systems
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