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Contents Before your visitContents Before your visit
Nile Valley. The ancient Egyptian civilisation as we refer to it began in approximately 3000 bc when political control of the Nile Valley was unified under King Narmer
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Life in Ancient EgyptLife in Ancient Egypt
This Pack has been designed to support both primary and secondary school teachers in planning a visit to ucl’s Petrie Museum
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Ancient egypt workshop–Curriculum LinksAncient egypt workshop–Curriculum Links
Most will be able to describe and understand characteristic features of life in ancient Egypt focusing on rituals, beliefs and attitudes. They will be able to identify some of the ways the past is represented and explain them by using sources and
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Egypt: Then & Now By Karla StaleyEgypt: Then & Now By Karla Staley
So What: Our past effects are present. Did imperialism have a significant impact on Egypt’s development?
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When you think of a mummy what usually comes to mind?When you think of a mummy what usually comes to mind?
Most of us usually imagine an Egyptian mummy wrapped in bandages and buried deep inside a pyramid
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