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Sutherlin High School College Credit us history Course SyllabusSutherlin High School College Credit us history Course Syllabus
Students refine their critical thinking skills through note-taking, discussion, and extensive reading and writing assignments. The analytical skills of interpretation, evaluation
108.32 Kb. 1
Ap united States HistoryAp united States History
Class time will be structured around a variety of small-group and individual skill based lessons, short lectures, quizzes and multiple choice & essay tests
84.72 Kb. 1
Course DescriptionCourse Description
U. S. History. This course will also prepare students for college by making demands upon them equivalent to those made by full-year introductory level college courses
50 Kb. 1
Course: ap u. S. History teacherCourse: ap u. S. History teacher
U. S. History. As a survey course oriented toward preparing students to master these skills, ap u. S. History will cover the broad scope of information
32.48 Kb. 1
Dave Roberts ap world HistoryDave Roberts ap world History
Welcome to the most significant class you will ever take! The study of world history is about more than memorizing lists of facts. It involves developing an understanding of the world around us how it impacts us and how we impact it
34.09 Kb. 1
Advanced placement us historyAdvanced placement us history
United States in an increasingly global arena. The course will trace these themes throughout the year, emphasizing the ways in which they are interconnected and examining the ways in which each helps to shape the changes over time that are so important to
62.09 Kb. 1
Advanced Placement United States History Westside High School Bradberry TextsAdvanced Placement United States History Westside High School Bradberry Texts
Newman and Schmalbach. United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. Amsco, Revised edition, 2006
53.25 Kb. 1
Course syllabus: ap us history e-cubed Academy: a college Preparatory High SchoolCourse syllabus: ap us history e-cubed Academy: a college Preparatory High School
Selected readings from United States History, Pearson; Frankenstein, Selected Texts tba
87.07 Kb. 1
Course requirementsCourse requirements
Point Average (gpa) or a parental waiver. Both the current grade Social Studies and English teachers must sign the course registration
44.65 Kb. 1
Instructor: Jared LofranoInstructor: Jared Lofrano
A majority of the work for this class will be completed outside of school, and much of the reading will be college level
30.95 Kb. 1
Ultralight Aircraft and Product LiabilityUltralight Aircraft and Product Liability
The student-analyst is encouraged to empathize with the young entrepreneur of a start-up venture in a high-risk business beset by managerial and legal constraints
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