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Wartime Snapshots Department of Veterans’ AffairsWartime Snapshots Department of Veterans’ Affairs
The poster of the Siege of Tobruk features an image of men of the Australian Forces at the edge of the harbour with oil tanks burning in the background. With the Italian defences penetrated
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The great war: world war IThe great war: world war I
Directions: Read each section independently and answer the questions that follow. You will turn this in for classwork credit at the end of each class period
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B4: The First World War 1: The Schlieffen PlanB4: The First World War 1: The Schlieffen Plan
By 1914, both Germany and France had plans prepared for an outbreak of war. The French High Command had drawn up Plan 17 in 1912-13. It was based on an attack from Champagne across the German border into Alsace-Lorraine
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Nuremberg in retrospect byNuremberg in retrospect by
The Nuremberg trial of the major Nazi war criminals was an attempt to answer in terms of the law the most serious challenge that faces modern civilization – war and international lawlessness
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