Civil War, AmericanCivil War, American
Erica. The U. S. government sought to maintain the union, insisting that states were not permitted to secede. The issue behind secession was slavery. The South’s economy relied heavily on the labor of African American slaves
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Crash Course U. S. History -cross Out ActivityCrash Course U. S. History -cross Out Activity
Period 3: British imperial attempts to reassert control over its colonies and the colonial reaction to these attempts produced a new American republic, along with struggles over the new nation’s social, political, and economic identity
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Current issues in the interpretation of federal legislationCurrent issues in the interpretation of federal legislation
Instead, I propose to consider issues that concern all Australian jurisdictions in more or less equal measure. These issues emerged following a discussion with Mr Daniel Snyder, from the Commercial Bar
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Baloney DetectionBaloney Detection
When lecturing on science and pseudoscience at colleges and universities, I am inevitably asked, after challenging common beliefs held by many students,``Why should we believe you'' My answer:``You shouldn't''
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Barbarism: a user’s GuideBarbarism: a user’s Guide
It helps to conceal how used we have become to the normality of what our—certainly my—parents would have considered life under inhuman conditions. My user’s guide is, I hope, a guide to understanding how this has come about
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The Galileo Affair By: Owen Gingerich From: Scientific AmericanThe Galileo Affair By: Owen Gingerich From: Scientific American
Galileo clearly believed in the truth of the heliocentric Copernican system. Today, with the sun-centered arrangement of the planets firmly established, it is easy to see Galileo as right and the church as wrong
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Authors: Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott MillerAuthors: Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller
Origins: published in special issue of Visible Language on graphic design history, edited by Andrew Blauvelt (1994)
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Famous battles 1190BC: The Siege of TroyFamous battles 1190BC: The Siege of Troy
It is rather ironic that arguably the most famous of all battle tactics in the history of civilization took place during a war many believe only happened in legend
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