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Amended in assembly August 19, 2013Amended in assembly August 19, 2013
Harkey, Roger Hernández, Jones, Levine, Linder, Logue, Lowenthal, Maienschein, Medina, Melendez, Morrell, Mullin, Muratsuchi, Nazarian, Nestande, Olsen, Pan, Patterson, Perea, John A
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University of kent module specification templateUniversity of kent module specification template
Modules to be withdrawn on the introduction of this proposed module and consultation with other relevant Schools and Faculties regarding the withdrawal
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Section 27. 240 Political ScienceSection 27. 240 Political Science
In addition to the standards for all social science teachers that are set forth in Section 27. 200 of this Part, those who specialize in the teaching of political science shall be required to meet the standards described in this Section
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In this issueIn this issue
How To Understand And The Philosophical Position Of John Anderson David Armstrong
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Project successProject success
Disabled Students Programs and Services (dsp&S) early in the semester so that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible. Students may contact dsp&S in person in room 11D or by phone at (619) 644-7119
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Evaluation of a development debate hiv/aids dr. Reginald Cline-Cole cwas dec 11thEvaluation of a development debate hiv/aids dr. Reginald Cline-Cole cwas dec 11th
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Thucydides and Security Dilemmas of Post-Soviet Conflicts: From Corcyra to ChechnyaThucydides and Security Dilemmas of Post-Soviet Conflicts: From Corcyra to Chechnya
As some of these conflicts show dangerous signs of re-ignition (for instance, South Ossetia in summer 2004) and new sources of instability spring up
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Lauren Faulkner RossiLauren Faulkner Rossi
Dissertation entitled, “Negotiating the Cross and the Swastika: Catholic Priests and Seminarians as German Soldiers, 1935-1945”, advised by Omer Bartov; Committee members included Abbott Gleason and Deborah A
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Chapter one : the study of a megachurch congregationChapter one : the study of a megachurch congregation
Congregations everywhere are thick gatherings of complicated actions, each parish distinctive in its expression, each possessing its own genius yet incarnating in that peculiarity the worldly message and mission of Christ
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James WattJames Watt
James Watt was the father of the industrial revolution. His crucial role in transforming our world from one based on agriculture to one based on engineering and technology is recognized in the unit of power: the watt
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