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First they killed my father

Quote sheet

Group 7-Heremaia, Nuredeen, Brittany

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Pa does not look the soldier in the eyes…from now on we are to give the soldiers anything they want.
Life is hard without pa
P137- Pa’s face is rigid and calm
P5- Pa always defends me, to everybody
P5- I don’t understand this, but I like the smile he gives me, I believe everything that Pa tells me.
P137- I have seen Pa leave the house many times, but I have never seen him this upset.
P239- I do possess the one thing I need to make something of myself one day, I have everything Pa gave me.
P141- Pa prays silently
P5- I believe everything Pa tells me.

Quotes- Metaphor
If they cannot find us, they cannot kill us; her words stab my heart like a thousand daggers.
P96- He wears a mask of courage that stretches over his inflexible face.
P162-Although he is only twelve his eyes look of an old man.
their faces flood my consciousness
My hearts feels as if an animal has clawed it out. I try to muster a smile, so I can send my sister on her way with a final picture of hope.
My stomach hurts so much I want to cut it open and take the poison out.
Hunter eats at my sanity
You are a diamond in the rough and with a little polishing, you will shine.
P195- Looking at her makes me want to die inside.
P132- Hunger and death have numbed our spirits. It’s as if we have lost all our energy for life

I see ma in a very different light now and have more pride in her strength.
I have no room for sadness
When I am brave…I dare myself to look at my toes
we have all learned to be silent without emotions
Don’t worry. Wherever you go I will find you.


With ashen faces, some of the younger, prettier girls reach into the bags we have vomited into and scoop out handfuls of it to smear on their hair and clothes.
P146- I want to kill myself knowing that it was I stole the food from her mouth
When we catch animals, we eat everything
To protect myself, I often rub dirt and charcoal on my skin to look as dark as the base people
P282- I will never understand how Chou survived
P119- I stay more and more to myself
I understand now they had to steal to survive
I put a marker on the old woman’s grave
If we stay together, we die together
Please comrade, have mercy. I have a young, sick daughter
I cannot mention the food I wish I could eat, the movies I have seen, or the cyclo I have ridden in.
By taking her food I have helped kill her
Friendship does not matter
Keav follows the soldiers, and never turns to look at us
You are just too much work for me I want you to leave.
Kim knows he has to endure their cruelty to help feed his family
The woman ate the dead husband
Meng, your life is not your own anymore, you have a family to take care of.
We will go wherever they choose to take us
P113- Her breasts were empty sacks hanging against her ribs, but nevertheless she lovingly put them into the boy’s mouth

My heart races with emotion
I Plan for the day when I can come back and kill them
I know I will never see her truly smile again
A strange chill runs up her spine. She knows it to be pure fear
Loung, you get on my nerves too much
Poor little Geak, she never got anything good out of life
My body trembles with fear and disbelief
I feel sorry for them knowing they are worse off than I am
Quotes-Emotion (continued)
Yet I also fear for Kim’s safety
- I am going to kill them all
I flinch with shame, I have done nothing
Most of all I cry for Kim
Meng’s face hides nothing
I occupy my mind with thoughts of revenge and massacre
My hate empowers me and scares me, rage makes me want to survive
I watch without emotion
I am afraid to speak
We are all different now, I am sad and many days I wish I am dead
The water washes away the dirt, but it will never put out the fire of hate I have for the Khmer Rouge
In my heart, I know the truth, but my mind cannot accept the reality of what all this means
My rage made me strong and resilient, Now, however, enclosing the memories in my heart of what all this means
P212- It is all black around me, soothing and empty. My pain and sadness no longer feel real or personal.
There is so much hate and rage inside me now. The Angkar has taught me to hate so deeply that I now know I have the power to destroy and kill.
I hate the soldiers, I etch their faces into my memory and plan for the day when I can come back and kill them.
Holding on to the hate for the Khmer Rouge also allows me to go o n living the mundane details of life
At five years old, I am beginning to know what loneliness feels like, silent and alone
I need the new memories that make me angry to replace the old ones that make me sad. My rage makes me want to live just to come back and take my revenge.
P26- The only thing I am afraid of is my brother Khouy, I fantasise about how much I hate him. I cannot wait until I am as strong and as big as he is.
P190- I continue to stare at her hand, too afraid to look at her face and see my guilt in her eyes.
P96- Meng’s face hides nothing.
P131- Scream out in pain

Quotes- Maturing
p33- Ma goes away and comes back with a bunch of sheets in her hand.. Ma! Its money, I can’t use money
Being a Christian will help us get sponsors faster
P173- There was no room for laughter
P53- Why can’t we go back to our house?
P305- Chou always asked about what I was doing- I never wrote back

Quotes- Maturing(continued)
I don’t care much about politics. All I know is that I am supposed to act dumb and never speak of our lives in the city
P275- To Geak, I keep silent
P275- And Geak, I have the hardest time finding words
P178- I am alone here, even though I eat the same food and sleep in the same hut with 80 other girls
P216- Chou and I follow Kim’s lead and do as he says, he seems so much in control that I forget he is not quite fourteen.
P201- Each of us keeps our memories of them private and safely locked up in boxes of our own heart
P174- Laughter has become a distant memory and I cherish the echo of a different time

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