Canada Review Name The following questions are a sample of questions on test. The test is not limited to these questions. In addition, you must be able to locate all provinces, territories and physical features

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Canada Review Name______
The following questions are a sample of questions on test. The test is not limited to these questions.
IN addition, you must be able to locate all provinces, territories and physical features.
I. Canada’s History:

1. What is your name???

2. How did Canada gain its independence? Peacefully OR with warfare?

Peacefully- After WW1 was over and Canada gained national recognition for their service (and high loss of life), Canadians began to work toward independence. In 1931, the British Parliament granted independence to Canada. It was 1982 before the final links were broken between the two country’s governments. They still share the same monarch, however.
3. Which two European countries explored Canada between 1400-1700 CE?

France and Great Britain

4. In which province would you find a “separatist”?

5. Why do French people in Quebec want their own country?

To make sure their culture, language and religion are protected and kept.
6. What did the British North America Act of 1867 do?

It put together the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, and the new constitution named the country the Dominion of Canada. The newly created “Canada” was allowed to have its own parliament and prime minister. It was not allowed to make treaties with other countries, and it had to be a part of the United Kingdom military. The monarch would be the same for the UK and Canada

7. Nunavut was created in 1999 for what group of people?

II. Canada’s Physical Features & Environment:

8. What is the purpose of the St. Lawrence Seaway?

Shipping goods to and from the Atlantic

9. Where are the Rocky Mountains located?

Western Canada

10. Describe the Canadian Shield.

Area of mineral rich thin soil that runs around the Hudson Bay- beneath the soil is one of Canada’s most valuable resources- minerals such as gold, silver, and copper. The mining industry creates lots of jobs in this area (about 1.5 million)

11. Why do most Canadians live near the US-Canadian border?

Warmer climate, trade with the US- the #1 trading partner

12. What are Canada’s three most important natural resources?

Minerals, timber, and fish

13. Which environmental problem is greatest near the Great Lakes?

Pollution of the water in the Great Lakes- factories in the US and Canada used the lakes as a dumping ground, which pollutes the water and makes the fish unsafe to eat.

14. What are Canada’s political divisions called?

Provinces and Territories

15. Compared to other countries in the world, how large is Canada?

2nd largest in land area….Russia is the 1st

III. Canada’s Government:

16. What three terms describe Canada’s government? Know what all of these terms MEAN!!!

Parliamentary Democracy
Constitutional Monarchy
17. Who is the leader (with the most political power) of Canada’s government?

Prime Minister

18. What are Canada’s two official languages?

French and English

IV. Canada’s Economy:

19. Who is Canada’s largest trading partner?

20. List some ways that Canada is investing in capital goods?

Investing in new technology and building new factories

V. Economic Review Questions

23. What are natural resources?

Things people use that come from nature.
24. What type of economic system do most democratic countries have?

Mixed (mix between command and market)

25. What are the three economic questions that every country must answer?

What to produce?

How to produce?
Who to produce for?

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