Called to Be Just Name

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HRE20 – Called to Be Just Name: _________________

Miss McBride Date: __________________

Just War Theory

List as many virtuous reasons to start a war as possible.

Principles of Just War – (Hint pneumonic device JPPLL)

  1. Just cause

  1. Proportionality

  1. Probability of success

  1. Legitimate authority

  1. Last resort

Just War Theory Practice
Using the “Principles of a Just War”, identify the principle that best fits each scenario, and then explain why.
1. A small group of Russians swore to attack Finland, even though the Russian government ordered the Russians to withdraw.


2. World War II was an ugly war. Many times the Nazis would take their Allied prisoners of war and conduct inhumane experiments on them.


3. The One Hundred Years War between England and France actually lasted one hundred and thirteen years. Thousands died on both side with no clear victor at war’s end.


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