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California State University, Chico

Division of Student Affairs
Departmental Annual Report Outline – Office of Diversity

  1. Departmental Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought and expression are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated. It serves as a resource to our campus community by providing information, referrals, advocacy, coordination and support for diversity-related events, activities, initiatives and discussions.
Services provided by the Office of Diversity continues to assist the campus in fulfilling its mission which is “to assist students in their search for knowledge and understanding and to prepare them with the attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong learning in order to assume responsibility in a democratic community and to be useful members of a global society.
As stated in the Office of Diversity Vision Statement, we strive to be a model diversity program in preparing students to participate in a global and diverse environment. Furthermore, we are committed to assisting the campus recruit, retain and graduate students from diverse backgrounds while in the process providing them with a diverse experience both inside and outside the classroom. That process begins during the beginning of the fall semester when students are invited to attend Multicultural Welcome Receptions, followed by providing opportunities to explore issues of identity through the Conversation on Diversity Program, and concluding with Multicultural Graduation Celebrations.

  1. Departmental Accomplishments

    1. Communicating various diversity efforts and initiatives through the biannual Building Bridges Newsletter and Diversity in Action the bi monthly diversity update.

    1. Provided Safe Zone Ally Training for Campus Community. This training establishes safe zones that help provide an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding for members of the LGBTQ Community.

    1. Brought anti-racism activist, Tim Wise to campus to speak about racism, white denial, and the cost of inequality.

    1. Collaborative effort with the University Film Series to incorporate diversity related films into their program.

    1. Facilitation of our 3nd Annual Diversity Art Show.

    1. Facilitation of our 2nd Annual Multicultural Collaboration Reception.

    1. Facilitation and celebration of our 6th Annual Conversations on Diversity Achievement Awards.

    1. Facilitation of our 2nd Annual Enough is Enough Campaign, which aims to stem campus societal violence.

    1. Successful Conversations on Diversity Series.

    1. Diversity Meetings with the College of HFA, College of Business, College of Communication and Education.

    1. Facilitation of Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Veteran’s Day Celebration and World’s Aids Day.

    1. Developed internship program for Master’s of Social Work. Current internships include: Multicultural Gender Studies and Department of Journalism.

    1. Restructured Diversity website to provide a new look and promote easier access to diversity-related information for our campus and community.

Three most important:
1. Diversity Awareness Campaign, educating members of our campus community on Cesar Chavez and Cinco de Mayo, in an effort to both educate and deter negative behavior, which traditionally takes place on these two holidays.
2. Completion of the Diversity Strategic Plan (To Form a More Inclusive Learning Community), which was adopted by President Zingg in spring of 2011.
3. Completion of the Hate Crime Initiative, which is in the process of going through the university approval process.

  1. Changes in Policies and Procedures


IV. Resources Summary

  • Half-time assistant which I share with the Division of Student Affairs

  • $8,119 Budget (reduced from previous year - $10,800)

  • $5,000 to fund one work study student


  • Facilities/Equipment

    • Office and Position Name Change:

      • Office of Diversity and Inclusion

      • Director of University Diversity Programs and Inclusion

  1. Program Evaluation for Past Year

1. Diversity Strategies and Initiative

    • Implementation of the Diversity Strategic Plan. (Strategic Goal #1, 2,3, 4,5,6)

The plan has been completed and was adopted by President Zingg during the spring of 2011.

    • Draft of campus Hate Crime Initiative, protocols and implementation plan. (Strategic Goal #1,4,6)

The Hate Crime Initiative has been completed and currently going through the university approval process.

    • Continue to develop and measure student learning outcomes specific to diversity. (Strategic Goal #1, 2, 3,6)

I facilitated surveys for Conversations on Diversity, Multicultural Welcome Receptions and our speaker on White Privilege, Tim Wise.
2. Diversity Collaborations

    • Assist campus with diversity related outreach and retention efforts. (Strategic Goal #1, 2, 4)

During the fall 2011 semester, I traveled to Sacramento and visited three high schools for outreach to underrepresented populations. I also spoke with visiting prospective students who were interested in attending Chico State.

    • Assist Chico community with the development of a Diversity Plan. (Strategic Goal #1,2,4)

A draft Diversity Plan has been developed and will go before the City Council within the next few months.
3. Diversity Training and Education

    • Brought Aids Memorial Quilts to campus. (Strategic Goal #1, 2,4 6)

A very successful event that brought awareness to over 1,000 members of our campus and surrounding community.

Tim Wise’s visit to Chico State was very successful, we had over 700 people in attendance.

    • Facilitate campus discussions on ways to educate our students on respecting cultural celebrations and activities. (Strategic Goal #1, 2, 3,4,6)

Poster Awareness Campaign focusing on Cinco de Mayo and Cesar Chavez Day. Received a great deal of positive feedback on both efforts from members of campus and the community. We will continue this effort next academic school year.

    • Co Sponsor our first Faculty and Staff Diversity Summit. (Strategic Goal# 2,5,6)

Faculty and Staff Diversity Summit was a success and we are looking at hosting next year’s event here on campus. We were able to build relationships and trust as well as identify issues and solutions surrounding diversity in our campus community.

    • Sponsor our first Men’s Conference (Strategic Goal # 1,2,4,6)

This event did not take place due to lack of time and resources, will try again in the future.

  1. Ongoing Assessment Efforts

Conversations on Diversity Program



Number of Attendee’s

Fall 2010


500 +

Spring 2011


500 +

Multicultural Welcome Receptions


Number of Attendee’s



Black/African American




Latino (a)




Most Critical Performance Indicators:

  • The data from Student Voice continues to show that those who attend the Conversations on Diversity Program find it beneficial to their academic experience.

  • The data from Student Voice also shows that those who attend the MC Receptions find it beneficial to their college experience.

  • The usage of the Diversity Website continues to be impressive, serving as a hub for our campus diversity efforts and initiatives. Data provided by Information Resources shows that during the 2010-2011 fiscal year there were over 20,000 “hits” on the diversity website.

VII. Analysis: What actions need to occur to move the program to the “next level”?

  • A full time assistant (when the budget allows) would allow me to focus on more pertinent diversity-related issues rather than the day to day administrative details of running my program.

  • An actual physical space for the Office of Diversity would provide us with the environment to serve as a true resource for the campus community.

  • Financial resources necessary to increase curricular and co-curricular events and activities to fulfill the University’s Vision of preparing students to participate in a global and diverse environment.

  • Financial resources necessary to increase diversity-focused training to faculty, staff and students to achieve the University’s mission of cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought and expression are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated.
  1. Goals: Present goals for the next academic year

1. Diversity Strategies and Initiatives

  • Continue to develop and measure student learning outcomes specific to diversity (Strategic Goal #1, 2,4)

  • Implement Hate crime Initiative (Strategic Goal #1, 2,4, 6)

  • Campus Climate Survey (Strategic Goal #1, 2,4, 6)

  • Support Up Till Dawn fundraising effort (Strategic Goal #1,4, 5)

2. Diversity Collaborations

  • Partner with City in deterring negative behavior on Cesar Chavez Day,
    Cinco de Mayo, and St. Patrick’s Day (Strategic Goal #1, 2,4, 6)

  • Initiate collaboration between Diversity Departments in the CSU system to more effectively utilize CSU system resources (Strategic Goal #1,2,4,6)

  • Partner with Community Stakeholders in a series of Community Collaborations Meetings to encourage ongoing collaboration, advocacy and referral (Strategic Goal 1,2,4,6)

3. Diversity Training and Education

  • Facilitate diversity training for students, faculty, and staff (Strategic Goal #1,2,4)

  • Campus wide Diversity Conference in the spring of 2012 (Strategic Goal #1, 2, 4,6)

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