Byzantine Virtual "Scavenger" Hunt

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Byzantine Virtual "Scavenger" Hunt

It is important to remember that the Roman Empire did not fall, it really continued by its center being "re-located" in the east, under the Byzantine Empire. For 1000 years, this empire continued and developed as the "New Rome"... So, let's take a short, virtual tour of the Byzantine Empire. Each question and website reveals a different aspect of Byzantine culture. Answer the questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES given you at each "tour" site (on your own paper).

Have a nice "online" journey!


1. What are 5 accomplishments of Emperor Constantine the Great? 

2. What was the Corpus Juris Civilis? Why is it significant?

3. On the timeline, what years did Justinian rule? What two geographical regions were regained during his reign?

  4. Describe the longest lasting contribution of Justinian's reign.

 5. Scroll over the pictures to find the answer.

When was the Jaharis Lectionary written?

 6. Who dedicated the new capitol of the Roman Empire in the east in 330 A.D.? How did Constantinople's name change over 1100 years later?

 7. The Byzantine Empire was geographically position at a highly strategic location, at a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa. List two bodies of water bordering Constantinople and two ethnic kingdoms lying to the north.

 8. The Christian church in the east supported the authority of the emperor and contributed to the missionary work of Christianity to regions in the north. Numerous grand churches were constructed in the empire with elaborate art work. Where was the Hagia Sophia located? What type of building was it? Looking at the pictures, what was the Imperial Gate?

  9. What does the word "orthodox" mean? How many churches comprise the Eastern Orthodox Church? Name 3 of these churches.

 10. Of the major religious feast days for the Orthodox church, what takes place on January 6th? What is the feast day known also as "Pascha?"

 11. Within the realm of the Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) in 500 C.E. (A.D.), match the region in which the following cities were located:

   a. Antioch          b. Alexandria          c. Ephesus             d. Salonika

 12. Written in both Arabic and English, this map of the Byzantine Empire shows expansion made by military expeditions by Justinian. Describe the western extent of the empire into the European continent. Also, why may it be written in Arabic?

 13. One of the most significant legacies of the Byzantine Empire was in the realm of law and justice. What were the three sections of Justinian’s Code and what purpose did they serve?

14. The Byzantine Empire produced beautiful artwork and iconography. What might the images on this marriage ring reveal about the marriage ceremony in the Byzantine Empire?

15. Take a look at this mosaic from the Byzantine Empire. What is going in the mosaic? What do you think about this event?

16. After looking at facts from the Byzantine Empire, compare it to other civilizations we’ve studied thus far. What are 3 things you feel the Byzantine Empire valued as important? Give reasons to support what you choose.



...This is The End of the Virtual Scavenger Hunt.....


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