Bullhead City Press Release Bullhead City Remains the Most Affordable City to Live in Arizona!

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Bullhead City Press Release

Bullhead City Remains the Most Affordable City to Live in Arizona!



BULLHEAD CITY, AZ. November 18, 2015 – Cost-of-living (COLI) figures for the third quarter of calendar year 2015 have just been released.  Bullhead City is very affordable and continues to be less expensive than any of the other six participating cities in Arizona according to the most-recent Cost of Living Index.


Bullhead City’s 93 composite score is great for our residents and is very attractive to retirees looking to relocate when compared to areas in southern California such as Orange County at 152.4 and the Los Angeles-Long Beach area at 143.9 or in northern California. 


A city’s composite index is made up of six components; grocery items, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services.  The  cost-of-living doesn’t measure local price changes from period to period, but rather changes in how local prices compare to prices in other areas from period to period.  


Statewide, for this reporting period there were six other Arizona cities that participated in the COLI for the third quarter of 2015 (Q32015).  Their cost-of-living indexes are:  City of Flagstaff (117.3), Phoenix (97.6), City of Yuma (96.7), Town of Prescott-Prescott Valley (96.6), City of Sierra Vista (95.5) and City of Tucson (93.2).


Comparing local grocery items for this period indicates the Phoenix area’s index was the lowest at 92.5 percent with Bullhead City’s index coming in as the second lowest at 95.5 percent. Utility cost in Bullhead City still remains well below the national average at 76.9; which is 23.1 percent below the national average. Review of health care costs for the seven cities indicate Bullhead City’s index was 96.9 percent.  


Housing costs in Bullhead City was 15.1 percent below the national average during the third quarter. Bullhead City’s composite index for the housing category was 84.9 percent compared to 85.9 percent the previous quarter. Additionally, City of Tucson’s housing costs came in lower for this period at 83.5 percent. On the local front, according to the Bullhead City Board of Realtor’s Home Sold Report for the period of July 1 through September 30, 2015 the median sell price for a three-bedroom single family home was $162,500; a three-bedroom manufactured home was $77,000 and a two-bedroom condo was $105,000.


“The low cost-of-living continues to be attractive to new families and retirees,” said City Manager Toby Cotter. As we enter the holiday season it is great to know that a dollar does go farther in Bullhead City not only for our full-time residents but for the thousands of winter visitors that come to visit our beautiful city. Please remember to shop local this holiday season.


If you have any questions concerning the cost of living data, please feel free to contact the City Manager’s office at (928)763-9400. Please feel free to check out the Cost-of-Living Index Calculator on the City’s website, go to www.bullheadcity.com/movingto.

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