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The Progressive Era

A. Matching Match the description in the second column with the term or name in the first column. Write the appropriate letter next to the word.

_____ 1. suffrage a. name of Roosevelt’s reform measures

_____ 2. Woodrow Wilson b. journalists who uncovered corruption

_____ 3. Nineteenth Amendment c. the right to vote

_____ 4. muckrakers d. progressive party headed by Roosevelt

_____ 5. conservation e. granted suffrage for women

_____ 6. Prohibition f. sought to curb growth of monopolies

_____ 7. Florence Kelley g. advocate for women and children

_____ 8. Clayton Antitrust Act h. winner of 1912 presidential election

_____ 9. Bull-Moose Party i. the banning of alcoholic beverages

____ 10. Square Deal j. preservation of natural resources
B. Evaluating Write T in the blank if the statement is true. If the statement is false, write F in the blank and then write the corrected statement on the line below.

_____ 1. Susan B. Anthony was a leading proponent of woman suffrage.


_____ 2. The major goal of the prominent progressive governor Robert M. La Follette was reforming the nation’s education system.


_____ 3. The goal of the NAACP was full voting rights for women.


_____ 4. Upton Sinclair was the author of The Jungle, a critical look at the nation’s meatpacking industry.


_____ 5. The progressive movement aimed at returning control of government to the people, restoring economic opportunities, and correcting injustices in American life.

C. Writing Write a paragraph describing some of the significant political reforms

during the Progressive Era using the following terms.

initiative referendum recall Seventeenth Amendment

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