Building a Better Credit Report

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Building a Better Credit Report
1. What information is contained in your credit report? List five things.
2. What is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)?
3. What are the four basic types of information that are collected and are sold?
4. How much does a credit report cost?
5. What do you need to provide to get a free credit report?
6. What are the three companies that can provide you with your credit repor?
7. What does a credit score help predict?
8. What is the only thing that can assure removal of negative information?
9. What options exist for a person who is in financial crisis?
10. What is the first step toward taking control of your financial situation?
11. During what times are debt collectors not allowed to make phone calls?
12. Why do you have to beware of if and organization claims to be “non-profit”?
13. What is a secured loan?
14. What is the consequence of using your house as collateral?
15. Why is personal bankruptcy considered the option of last resort?
16. What is chapter 13 bankruptcy?
17. What is chapter 7 bankruptcy?
18. What things are permanent and never erased by bankruptcy?
19. Why do advanced loan scams use overnight or courier services?
20. What are two ways that identity thieves obtain personal information?
21. Why do identity thieves purchase “big ticket” items?
22. Why would an identity thief file for bankruptcy under your name?
23. How can you tell if you are a victim of identity theft?
24. What are four steps a person should immediately take if their identity has been stolen?

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