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This is a modern English translation of Brutus’s speech and Marc Anthony’s speech on the death of Julius Caesar in the famous play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Brutus’s speech:

Romans, country men, and friends, hear my reasons and be silent as you listen. Believe me for my honor, and respect my honor, so that you may believe me. Judge me with your wisdom and your reasoning, so that you may have good judgment. I say to all if anyone was a friend of Caesar, I loved him more then you. If anyone asks why I killed Caesar it not because I loved him less, I just love Rome more. Would you rather Caesar be alive and you all be slaves then Caesar dead and be free men? Caesar loved me so I cry for him every night, but Caesar was fortunate as he was ambitious so I killed him. Who here is so low that they would want to be a slave? If any speak then I have offended them. Who here is so rude that they would not be a country men? Is there any that I have offended? I will wait for a reply. Then I haven’t offended any. The reason of his death is given in the capitol. Here he comes mourned by Marc Anthony; he will receive the benefit of Caesars death just as you will. If any disagree then I will kill myself with the same blade I used to kill Caesar.

Marc Anthony’s Speech:

Friends, Romans, and Country men, give me your attention. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The bad things he did will live on but the good things he did will be buried with his bones; so let it be with Caesar. The Noble Brutus told you that he was ambitious and he paid for it. Here under leave of Brutus and the rest of the men Brutus is an honorable man, as they all are honorable men. So I come to speak at Caesars funeral. He was my friend and Brutus says he was ambitious and he is an honorable man. He brought many captives home to Rome, whose ransom paid the public funds; does this make Caesar seem ambitious? When the poor cried Caesar cried; ambition should be made of stronger stuff. Yet Brutus says her was ambitious and he is an honorable man. You all saw I offered Caesar the crown three times yet he denied it. Was this ambitious? Yet Brutus says he was ambitious and he is an honorable man. I am not here to disprove or deny what Brutus said I’m just telling you what I know. You all loved him once not without cause, so why do you not mourn him? All men have lost their reason! Bear with me but my heart is in the coffin with Caesar, and I must pause until it comes back. Yesterday the world would have rejoiced at the word of Caesar bun today no man mourns him. I should do Brutus and Cassius wrong, who we all know are honorable men. I will not do them wrong; I would rather choose to wrong the dead, to wrong myself and you, but not these honorable men. Here is Caesars will, I found it in his closet and let the commoners hear it. But never mind because hearing his will, will only inflame you. I am afraid that I might wrong the honorable men, whose daggers stabbed Caesar. Should I just go? If you have tears shed them now. Do you all remember this mantel? It’s Caesars. Look in this place ran Cassius’ dagger. See what a spiteful thing has been done? This is just as Brutus stabbed this well beloved man. Oh what a fall there was my fellow Romans! Friends good and sweet let me not stir you in to mutiny. They have done this deed as honorable men. I don’t know what made them do it. For they are wise and honorable, please let me not steal your hearts away I just love my friend. But when will another come such as Caesar?

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