Brothers in Arms

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Brothers in Arms

BOOM! As the roar of the cannons spread throughout the battlefield, blazing strikes demolish all, an agonising of battle cries glided through the air. Blazing assaults left debris. A soldier stood to attention; ready to pounce he struck viciously at his opponent he dropped to the ground head bowed knees legs squelched in a menacing pile of blood, blood and gore. The sound of human flesh as it meets steel echoes around the warzone. Raging blood swiftly streams down trenches. An unprecedented wall of fire broke out; I used my initiative and dived to the floor- then a relentless deafening horn defeated my ears: a missile came down and struck me viciously and dragged my body across the battlefield.

I woke up in a strange bed unsure if I was dead or alive. I sat up as the ashes blew upon the flames; my heart was as black as coal surrounded by a shell of sorrow. Shadows were lurking in the deepest of corners bleak clouds began to collide. The sky turned a foreboding gritty grey as a cloaked fog rose over the lethal disaster.

The world around me appeared like hell on earth; the grass no longer showing due to torrential rains. Bombs as shells attacking through day and night. Clouds closing in threatening to suffocate me in their glum grey state. Resting- seemed to be the only aspect of comfort lying in the painful silence of the deserted warzone. As I progressed on, my body gradually began to sound more pained, desperate and rapidly filling with fear. All the nerves in my body begged for me to stop. Mercy no longer an option…

Even as the relief started to replace my ever growing anxiety, my pain relentlessly rose, filling the thick atmosphere. Dirt, soil, and soot began to mock me, slowly climbing higher and higher up my boots I fought with all my might to stay out of its clutches. Feeling my body quiver from the overwhelming fear. I hoped for any kind of escape from this conscious nightmare, anything that took me back to the life I once knew. The only thing silencing me from my own comfort, being a single, deafening crack. The echo filling deserted disaster I could feel death swallowing me whole.

But I couldn’t do that; , I couldn’t back down , (too much was at stake) ,I couldn’t waste my tremendous resilience.

Then a gunshot raged conquering my life claiming my soul death took my heart I dropped to the ground. It was like black flowers blossoming behind my eye lids. A vibration shook me jolting in every joint and socket rattling into every marrow of my bones, crashing into my skull I began to quake and tremble with fear. All I heard was an icy howling wind mocking me dragging me to hell but I refused to give in, my pain rose I could take no more. I was taken to my final place of peace. Heaven…

Dhanyal Ayas

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