Brief description of each character. Then use your character notes for characterization types. Will Halloway

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Study Guide and Character notes

Characters—Write a brief description of each character. Then use your character notes for characterization types.

Will Halloway

Jim Nightshade

Charles Halloway -

Mr. Dark

Mr. Cooger -

The Witch -

Miss Foley -

Will's Mother -

Mr. Tetley -

Mr. Crosetti -
Objects—Briefly describe each place or object and why it is important.

Green Town, Illinois -

The Lightning Rod -

Rolfe's Moon Meadow -

The Mirror Maze -

The Balloon -

The United Cigar Store

The Carousel

The Barbershop

Ned's Night Spot -

Wax Museum -
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Multiple-Choice - Prologue

1. In what month does the novel begin? a) September b) November c) August d) October

2. What is James' surname? a) Dark b) Halloway c) Oak d) Nightshade

3. What is William's surname? a) Halloway b) Rogers c) Rosehip

d) Nightshade

4. On what street do William and James live? a) York Street b) Oak Street

c) Elm Street d) Main Street

5. What kind of month does the author say October is for boys? a) A scary month b) A fun month c) A rare month d) A lucky month

6. What disappointing thing happens to children in September? a) Baseball season finishes b) The rain starts c) The sun disappears d) School starts

7. What great thing happens to children in June? a) The sun comes out

b) The summer begins c) The rain stops d) Baseball season starts

8. What celebration is happening in a week's time? a) Christmas

b) New Years c) Thanksgiving d) Halloween

9. What is the name of the lightning rod salesman? a) Frank Thunder

b) Jack Storm c) Tom Fury d) Davie Flash

10. What does Tom Fury help people do? a) Use lightning for electricity

b) Spend their money c) Feel good about themselves d) Protect their houses from storms
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

1. Whose house does Tom Fury predict the storm will hit? a) Will's

b) Mr Coogar's c) Mr. Dark's d) Jim's

2. Where do the two boys go after supper? a) The pool hall b) The golf course c) The playground d) The library

3. What does Jim think he hears on the library steps? a) Thunder b) Singing c) Music d) Screams

4. What is Charles Halloway's job at the library? a) Head librarian b) Manager c) Janitor d) Assistant

5. What kind of books does Mr. Halloway recommend to the two boys?

a) Adventure books b) Animal books c) Detective books d) Dinosaur books

6. What kind of novels do Will and Jim choose? a) Spy novels b) Adventure novels c) Detective novels d) War novels

7. What does Jim tell Will he wants to see? a) Lightning b) Girls c) A carnival d) A film

8. When does Will think the storm will arrive? a) Morning b) In a week

c) Midnight d) In an hour

9. On whom does Chapter 3 focus? a) Charles Halloway b) Mr. Dark c) Jim

d) Will

10. What does Mr. Halloway think that Jim will always see coming?

a) The jobs b) The women c) The chances d) Life’s blows

11. What does Mr. Halloway think Jim will do when he sees the blows?

a) Dodge them b) Take them c) Give them back d) Laugh in their face

12. Where does Mr. Halloway go after the library? a) A store b) A saloon

c) Home d) A restaurant
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 4, 5, and 6

1. What store does Mr. Tetley own? a) Tetley's Newspaper Store

b) The Dollar Store c) The United Cigar Store d) Ned's Nightly Bar

2. What kind of business does Mr. Crosetti run? a) Barber shop

b) A book shop c) A local newspaper d) A cafe

3. What does Mr. Crosetti say he can smell? a) Cows b) Cotton candy

c) Coffee d) A storm

4. What kind of song does Mr. Halloway hear a man humming?

a) A jazz song b) A pop song c) A Christmas song d) A folk song

5. What does the sign advertise? a) Cooger & Dark's Panda Show b) Cooger & Dark's Moving Shadows Show. c) Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow d) Cooger & Dark's Show of Horrors

6. What sculpture does Mr. Halloway see in the window? a) A woman

b) An eagle c) A dinosaur d) A drawf

7. What is on Hickory Street? a) The Comic Store b) The Town Hall c) The Theater d) The Town Museum

8. What do people see through the window of the fifth house? a) People playing cards b) People fighting c) People watching movies d) People undressing

9. What does Jim ask Will to hold? a) His drink b) His magazines c) His backpack d) His books

10. Where does Will go when Jim gives him his books? a) A cafe

b) The library c) Home d) A saloon

11. What does the piece of paper advertise? a) A book store

b) A new supermarket c) Coogar and Dark's show d) A car exhibition

12. What is the name of the monster at Coogar and Dark's show?

a) Jehosaphat b) Jumping Jack c) Montpelier d) Montgolfier
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 7, 8, and 9

1. What is the tattooed man called? a) The Skin Man b) The Living Picture Book c) The illustrated Man d) The Tattoo Laureate

2. What is arriving in town that night? a) The carnival b) The parade

c) The zoo d) The circus

3. How does Will describe his father's mood? a) Ecstatic b) Sad c) Happy

d) Miserable

4. What does Will hear his father burn? a) A book b) A handbill

c) A newspaper d) A dollar

5. Why does Will's father say he feels sad? a) He feels something evil

b) He is ill c) He is old d) He is bored

6. What does Will think really worries his father? a) His mother

b) His drinking c) His job d) The carnival

7. Where does Will's father go just before Will falls asleep? a) The carnival b) The grocery store c) The saloon d) The library

8. Whom does the author describe as being marbled with dark? a) Jim

b) Will c) Mr. Halloway d) Mr. Dark

9. What does Jim tell his mother he never wants? a) A wife b) Children c) A house d) A father

10. Who does Jim's mother say Jim looks like? a) His father b) His uncle

c) His older brother d) His grandfather

11. What does Jim's mother want Jim to do before he leaves her? a) Give her money b) Make her laugh c) Say goodbye d) Buy her a present

12. What does Jim decide to take off the roof of his house? a) The TV aerial b) The lightning rod c) The radio aerial d) The wind sock

Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 10, 11, and 12

1. Who stops at the empty shop window? a) Mrs. Halloway b) Mrs. Nightshade c) Mr. Dark d) Tom Fury

2. What does Mr. Fury see banging on the shop window? a) Moths

b) Butterflies c) Cockroaches d) A dwarf

3. What does Mr. Fury do when the shop door opens by itself? a) Breaks the shop window b) Steps inside the shop c) Cries d) Runs away

4. What wakes up Jim and Will? a) Screams b) Music c) A train d) Laughter

5. What do the boys use to look at the carnival? a) A periscope

b) A telescope c) A magnifying glass d) Binoculars

6. What does Jim favor over talking? a) Action b) Arguing c) Running away

d) Reading

7. Where does the train stop? a) A meadow b) A cornfield c) The town center d) A station

8. What do Jim and Will see flying above the train? a) An eagle

b) A broomstick c) A balloon d) An airplane

9. Who gets off the train first? a) A drawf in a dark suit b) A tall man in a dark suit c) A tall man in a colorful suit d) A short man in a clown suit

10. What do the carnival people set up in the fields? a) Totem poles

b) Statues c) Tents d) Rides

11. Where is Charles Halloway when he sees Jim and Will run by? a) Home b) The library c) The saloon d) His mother's house

12. What remains where the lady in ice once was? a) A cigar b) A pool of water c) A knife d) Her footprint
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 13, 14, and 15

1. What does Will hear his father muttering? a) Three b) Darkness c) Save our souls d) All is lost

2. Who thinks about their lives at three in the morning? a) Teenagers

b) Children c) Middle-aged men d) Old women

3. What does Halloway think women are? a) Glass b) Time c) Day d) Night

4. How do women ensure their immortality? a) Through birth b) Through death c) Through love d) Through laughter

5. For what does Mr. Halloway say men despair? a) Time b) Death c) Day

d) Birth

6. What do Will and Jim check out in Chapter 15? a) The library b) The Theater c) The comic book store d) The carnival

7. Why are Will and Jim surprised by the carnival? a) It seems weird b) It seems normal c) It seems evil d) It seems happy

8. Whom do Will and Jim run into at the carnival? a) Miss Foley

b) Mr. Coogar c) Mr. Dark d) Mrs. Nightshade

9. For whom is Miss Foley searching? a) Her mother b) Her nephew

c) Her boyfriend d) Her sister

10. To what attraction does Miss Foley go? a) The Carousel b) The Mirror Maze c) The Strong Man d) The Big Wheel

11. Whom does Miss Foley say she saw in the Mirror Maze? a) A little girl

b) Her father c) Her nephew d) Herself

12. Where does Will find Jim when he disappears? a) At home b) The Carousel c) The Mirror Maze d) The Freak Show
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 16, 17, and 18

1. Over what do Will and Jim trip as they leave the carnival? a) A leather bag b) A suitcase c) A football d) A dead body

2. To whom does the bag belong? a) Mr. Fury b) Mr. Halloway c) Miss Foley

d) Mr. Tetley

3. Why does Will decide to stay at the carnival? a) To find Mr. Fury b) To find the little girl c) To speak to Mr. Dark d) To ride the carousel

4. What does the sign say on the merry-go-round? a) Enter at your own risk b) Help yourself c) Do not enter d) Out of order

5. Of what is the man's suit made? a) Skin b) Rubber c) Hair d) Plastic

6. Whom does the man in the suit introduce himself as? a) Mr. Smith

b) Mr. Nightshade c) Mr. Coogar d) Mr. Dark

7. What color of hair does Mr. Coogar have? a) Red b) Black c) Brown

d) Purple

8. In what is Mr. Dark's arm covered? a) Bruises b) Hair c) Scars d) Tattoos

9. What does Jim say his name is? a) Jack b) Simon c) Freddie d) David

10. From where do Jim and Will watch the merry-go-round? a) A tree

b) A bush c) Long grass d) A saloon

11. Who jumps on the merry-go-round? a) Mr. Dark b) Mr. Fury c) Mr. Coogar d) Jim

12. Into what does Mr. Coogar turn? a) A twelve-year-old boy b) An old woman c) A tiger d) A dwarf
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 19, 20, and 21

1. Where do Will and Jim find the 12-year-old boy? a) Miss Foley's house

b) The Mirror Maze c) The Bumper Cars d) A baseball park

2. Whom does Miss Foley think the 12-year-old boy is? a) Her nephew b) Her son c) Her brother d) Her sweetheart

3. Whom does Will say is dead? a) Mr. Tetley b) Mr. Coogar c) Mr. Crosetti

d) Mr. Fury

4. For what does the boy invite Will and Jim to stay? a) A game of darts

b) Dessert c) Lemonade d) Hot chocolate

5. Where are the boy and Miss Foley going after dinner? a) The saloon

b) The library c) Will's house d) The carnival

6. Who wrote the Funeral March? a) Haydn b) Beethoven c) Chopin d) Mozart

7. What does Will throw at Jim's window? a) Tennis balls b) Golf balls

c) Marbles d) Stones

8. What do Jim and Will usually use to communicate to each other during the night? a) A boardwalk b) Smoke c) Owl hoots d) Walkie talkies

9. Whose house does Will go to? a) Mr Dark's b) Will's c) Miss Foley's

d) Mr Tetley's

10. Where does Will hide at Miss Foley's house? a) A tree b) A wine cellar

c) Long grass d) A bush

11. Why does Jim want Will to leave? a) He wants time on his own b) It is not safe c) He does not like him d) Mr. Coogar won't come out

12. What does Will do when Jim spits in his face? a) Cries b) Pokes him in the eye c) Punches him d) Kicks him
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapters 22 and 23

1. What does the boy throw over Jim and Will? a) Jewelry b) Sand c) Flour

d) Mud

2. Whom does the boy yell for? a) Miss Foley b) The police c) Mr. Fury

d) Mr. Dark

3. What does Will think that Mr. Coogar wants them to do? a) Cry b) Run

c) Hide d) Go home

4. Where do Will and Jim chase the boy? a) Jim's house b) Mr. Tetley's store c) Will's house d) The carnival

5. Whom does Will think will kill him and Jim? a) Mr. Dark b) Miss Foley

c) Mr. Fury d) Mr. Coogar

6. What happens to the merry-go-round when Will flicks the switch?

a) It runs backwards b) It accelerates c) It explodes d) It stops
Multiple Choice - Part 1: Chapter 24

1. Whom do the boys call in Chapter 24? a) Miss Foley b) Mr. Halloway c) The police d) The fire brigade

2. Whom does the dwarf look like? a) Mr. Tetley b) Mrs. Halloway c) Mr. Fury

d) Miss Foley

3. Into what is Mr. Coogar strapped? a) A rack b) An electric chair

c) An operating table d) A carnival ride

4. What does Mr. Dark say is Mr. Coogar's stage name? a) Mr. Buzz

b) Mr. Sizzle c) Mr. Electrico d) Mr. Livewire

5. What happens when Mr. Dark turns on the electric chair? a) Mr. Coogar becomes young again b) Mr. Coogar comes alive c) Mr. Coogar turns to dust

d) Mr. Coogar begins to laugh

6. What does Mr. Dark give Will and Jim? a) A t-shirt b) Chocolate

c) Free tickets d) A poster
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 25, 26, and 27

1. Whom does Miss Foley telephone? a) Will b) Mr. Coogar c) Mr. Dark

d) Mr. Halloway

2. Where does Miss Foley want to meet Mr. Halloway? a) The police station b) The carnival c) The library d) The museum

3. To whom does Jim want to apologize? a) Miss Foley b) Mr. Dark

c) Mr. Coogar d) The police

4. Whom do Jim and Will hear talking? a) Miss Foley and Mr. Halloway b) Mr. Dark and Mr. Coogar c) Mr. Coogar and Mr. Tetley d) Miss Foley and Mr. Coogar

5. What have Jim and Will nailed into the ivy? a) Iron rungs b) Boards

c) A rope ladder d) A ladder

6. What does Will think being good involves? a) Not smoking b) Believing in God c) Having a family d) Being happy
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 28 and 29

1. Where does Will warn his father not to go? a) The library b) The carnival

c) Miss Foley's house d) The police station

2. What do Will and his father use to climb into his bedroom? a) A rope

b) The stairs c) A ladder d) The iron rungs

3. What does Will notice Jim has removed from his house? a) The radio aerial b) The lightning rod c) The chimney d) The TV aerial

4. What do Jim and Will see above them? a) A helicopter b) A bat c) A balloon d) An eagle

5. Who is inside the balloon's basket? a) The Dust Witch b) Mr. Coogar

c) Miss Foley d) Mr. Dark

6. What is the Dust Witch made of? a) Plastic b) Steel c) Wax d) Bristles
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 30, 31, and 32

1. What does Will throw at the witch's balloon? a) A stone b) A dart

c) An arrow d) A marble

2. What happens in Chapter 31? a) Mr. Halloway has a heart attack

b) Jim disapppears c) Nothing exciting d) The carnival disappears

3. What is the weather in the morning? a) Snow b) Windy c) Stormy d) Rain

4. Who is the only person to go to the carnival in the morning?

a) Mr. Halloway b) Miss Foley c) Jim d) Will

5. Whom does Jim have a dream about? a) His father b) Mr. Dark c) A little girl d) Mr. Coogar

6. Whose house do Will and Jim go to in Jim's dream? a) Mr. Tetley's

b) Will's c) Miss Foley d) Mr. Dark's
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 33, 34, and 35

1. Whom does Will phone in Chapter 33? a) Mr. Dark b) Miss Foley c) Mr. Halloway d) Jim

2. What does Will tell his father on the phone? a) He is in big trouble b) He is moving to another town c) He is not coming home that night d) He is staying at Jim's house

3. What does Will ask his father to say to him? a) Good luck b) I love you

c) Don’t be out too late d) Go for it

4. What do Will and Jim hide underneath? a) A bus shelter b) A tree

c) An iron grill d) A bush

5. What store do Will and Jim hide near? a) The United Cigar Store

b) The Green Store c) The barber shop d) Tetley's Teashop

6. Where does the five-year-old boy drop his gum? a) In the Mirror Maze b) Into a garbage can c) In the library doorway d) Into the iron grill
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 36, 37, and 38

1. Who alerts Mr. Dark to the fact that Will and Jim are under the iron grill? a) The Dwarf b) The Dust Witch c) Miss Foley d) Mr. Coogar

2. Where is Charles Halloway in Chapter 37? a) The library b) The saloon

c) Home d) The carnival

3. What has Mr. Halloway spent all day doing in Chapter 37? a) Sleeping

b) Drinking c) Reading d) Working

4. Who comes to the library in Chapter 38? a) Mr. Coogar b) Dust Witch

c) Mr. Dark d) Will and Jim

5. What has Mr. Halloway spent all day researching? a) Evil spirits

b) The afterlife c) Carnival folklore d) Coogar and Dark's carnival

6. What does Halloway tell the boys about at the end of Chapter 38?

a) His father b) His life c) His mother d) His marriage
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 39 and 40

1. What does the carnival look for? a) People in despair b) Happy people

c) Evil people d) Religious people

2. Of whom does Mr. Halloway say Mr. Dark is afraid? a) Jim b) Himself

c) Will d) Mr. Coogar

3. What does Mr. Halloway think is a weapon they can use against Mr. Dark? a) Joy b) Religion c) Hate d) Love

4. On what does Mr. Halloway say Dark and Coogar thrive? a) Atheism

b) Ill health c) Hate d) Suffering

5. What does Jim ask if the carnival buys? a) Babies b) Souls c) Elephants

d) Dwarfs

6. What does Mr. Halloway tell the boys to do when they hear a knock at the door? a) Answer the door b) Pretend to sleep c) Arm themselves d) Hide

Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapters 41, 42, and 43

1. Who is at the door? a) Mr. Dark b) Miss Foley c) Mr. Coogar d) Mr. Tetley

2. What does Mr. Dark say the Witch can do to Mr. Halloway? a) Turn him into a frog b) Boil his blood c) Snap his neck d) Stop his heart

3. What book does Mr. Halloway threaten Mr Dark with? a) The Bible

b) The Guiness Book of Records c) The Divine Comedy d) The Martian Chronicles

4. At what does Mr. Dark blow smoke? a) A religious cross b) The No Smoking sign c) A painting d) The books

5. Whom does Mr. Dark say he took for a ride on the carousel? a) Mr. Fury

b) Miss Foley c) Mr. Tetley d) Mrs. Halloway

6. How does Will react when Mr. Dark says his mother is now a shriveled old woman?

a) He kicks a table b) He screams c) He sobs d) He laughs
Multiple Choice - Part 2: Chapter 44

1. How does Mr. Halloway want the witch to kill him? a) Painlessly

b) Joylessly c) Slowly d) Quickly

2. How does Mr. Halloway stop the witch? a) He says the magic word

b) He laughs c) He stares in her eyes d) He sings

3. What makes Mr. Halloway laugh? a) The witch's warts b) The witch's holey tights c) The witch's smile d) The witch tickling him

4. How does Mr. Dark stop Mr. Halloway? a) He spits in his face b) He slaps his cheek c) He crushes his hand d) He kicks him in the knee

5. Mr. Dark thinks life is nothing more than what? a) Coincidences b) A step into the dark side c) A fun fair ride d) A festival

6. From where are Mrs. Nightshade and Mrs. Halloway walking? a) The church b) The grocer's shop c)The river d) The carnival
Multiple Choice - Part 3: Chapters 45, 46, and 47

1. At whom does Mr. Dark tell the boys to smile? a) Mr. Tetley b) The Dwarf c) The Dust Witch d) Mr. Coogar

2. Into what does Mr. Dark say he will make Jim? a) A dwarf b) A little girl

c) His business partner d) A baby

3. Whom does Mr. Dark say will hold Will when he is a baby? a) Miss Foley b) Jim c) The Dwarf d) The Dust Witch

4. Where does Mr. Dark hide the boys? a) His tent b) Under the carousel

c) Miss Foley's basement d) The Mirror Maze

5. What is the name of Mr. Dark's new act? a) Faster than a Bullet

b) Bullet Boy c) The Bullet Rain d) The Bullet Trick

6. Whom does Mr. Dark introduce as the bullet catcher? a) The Witch b) Jim

c) The Drawf d) Mr Coogar

Multiple Choice - Part 3: Chapters 48, 49, and 50

1. Who dies in Chapter 48? a) The Witch b) Mr. Halloway c) Miss Foley

d) Mr. Coogar

2. Whom does Jim see in the Mirror Maze? a) The devil b) His father c) His twin d) His mother

3. What does Will try to do to stop the mirror images? a) Lights a match

b) Closes his eyes c) Turns on his torch d) Smashes the mirrors

4. What does Will tell his father? a) He is a good man b) He is fun c) He loves him d) He is young at heart

5. How does Mr. Halloway shatter the mirrors? a) He laughs b) He screams c) He kicks them d) He throws rocks at them

6. What do Will and Mr. Halloway hear? a) The carousel b) Funeral music

c) Jim d) Laughter
Multiple Choice - Part 3: Chapters 51 and 52

1. Whom are the freaks bringing to the carousel? a) Jim b) Mr. Dark

c) Mr. Electrico d) The Witch

2. Into whom does Mr. Dark want to turn Mr. Electrico? a) Mr. Halloway

b) Mr. Coogar c) Mr. Tetley d) Mr. Fury

3. Into what does Mr. Coogar turn? a) Dust b) Ice c) Stone d) Iron

4. What part of Will's body ages? a) His hair b) His left leg c) His hand

d) His little finger

5. How far do Will and Jim travel on the carousel together? a) Two circles

b) A quarter of a circle c) Half a circle d) A full circle

6. Whom does the boy say is after him? a) Mr. Dark b) Mr. Coogar c) Miss Foley d) The Drawf
Multiple Choice - Part 3: Chapters 53 and 54

1. What disappears on the young boy's body? a) Scars b) A birthmark

c) Tattoos d) Bruises

2. What does Mr. Halloway do when Will bursts into tears? a) Slaps him

b) Kicks him c) Laughs at him d) Scolds him

3. Whom does Mr. Halloway say wants sadness? a) Carnival people

b) Soulless people c) Evil people d) Clowns

4. What instrument does Mr. Halloway play? a) Saxophone b) Harmonica

c) Guitar d) Trumpet

5. What wakes Jim up from the dead? a) Tears b) Sunshine c) Laughter

d) Rain

6. What does Mr. Halloway try to destroy? a) The carousel b) The Big Wheel c) The Mirror Maze d) The carnival train

These topics will be on your assessment. You will be given one of these prompts on which to write. Not all students will be given the same prompt, so be prepared!

Essay Topics/Writing Assignments
1. Discuss elements of the narrative structure: exposition, rising action, complication, climax, falling action, and resolution. Do all the elements make for a logical and linear story??

2. Something Wicked This Way Comes greatly influenced modern horror. Choose a book written after the novel that you think was influenced by it and discuss their similarities in terms of a) plot b) character c) themes.

3. Bradbury writes Something Wicked This Way Comes in the third person. How do you think the meaning of the story would have changed if Bradbury had written it in first person?

4. Something Wicked This Way Comes is part of the Gothic genre. 1) How does Something Wicked This Way Comes exemplify a Gothic novel?

5. Examine the novel's dialogue. How does Bradbury's use of dialogue contribute to the realness of the characters and setting?

6. Examine Bradbury's writing style. What kind of diction does he use? Does he use any specific writing techniques?

7. Bradbury's characters often have names that describe their character. Choose one of the following names in the novel and talk about what the name says about that person or setting: 1) Jim Nightshade. 2) Green Town 3) Jim Fury

8. Choose one of the following and examine how the carnival tries to take advantage of his/her fears:

1) Jim Nightshade 2) Charles Halloway 3) Miss Foley

9. Examine good and evil in the novel. In what way does Jim represent neither good nor bad in the novel?

10. How does Bradbury use symbolism in the novel?

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