Boudicca Quotes

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Boudicca Quotes

Roman or Celt?

The fury of a Celtic people, led by an enraged queen.

Was a force to be reckoned with.

Boudicca was described as being a large woman, with flaming red hair.

The Romans who dared to fight have died, the rest are hiding themselves in their camp thinking of running away.

In the days of Roman Britain, in the 1st century AD, there lived a warrior queen by the name of Boudicca. Flame-haired and proud, she ruled the Iceni, in a time when Rome wanted to rule everything. The lands she governed were located in what is now East Anglia;

It is not as a woman descended from royalty, but as one person who has lost their freedom. I am avenging lost freedom, my scourged body and the abuse of my daughters.

The Romans have gone to far……………

We had to do something to quieten the Queen, she was persuading other tribes to revolt.

a "treacherous lioness".

The Celt armies wrecked and robbed two cities, many innocent people were killed.

The shame of all the innocents killed in the cities rests with a WOMAN of ROYAL BLOOD.

She was an intelligent leader. She was very tall. Around her neck she had a huge gold torc. She wore clothes of many colours.

She looked terrifying with a fierce glint in her eye. Her voice was harsh.

We showed her the power of Rome, she will think twice before starting a fight with us again.





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