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Suggested Book List for Teachers:
*Books on Peruvian Japanese:
Gardiner, C. Pawns in a Triangle of Hate. (1981) – During World War II approximately 1,800 Peruvian Japanese were interned in the United States, in facilities operated by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Explanations of the Peruvian government are included along with accounts of personal experiences in the camps and eventual disposition.
Higashide, Seiichi. Adios to Tears. The Memoirs of a Japanese-Peruvian Internee in the U.S. Concentration Camps. (2003) – This is the personal story of Higashide whose life took place in three countries. In the time of World War II Higashide was a shop keeper in Peru who was seized by police, along with other Latin American Japanese, and forcibly deported to the United States.
* Books on Canadian Internment:
Okazaki, Robert. The Nisei Mass Evacuation Group and P.O.W. Camp 101: The Japanese-Canadian community’s struggle for justice and human rights during World War II. (1996) – The Japanese-Canadian community’s struggle for justice and human rights during World War II.
* Books on German internment:
Fox, Stephen. Fear Itself. (2005) – Weaving together first-person interviews and government documents in this one-of-a-kind study, award-winning author Stephen Fox tells the inside story of the internment and exclusion of thousands of German Americans during the Second World War.
Friedman, Max. Nazis and Good Neighbors: The United States Campaign Against the Germans of Latin America in World War II. (2003) – Based on research in seven countries, this international history uncovers an American security program in which Washington reached into fifteen Latin American countries to seize more than 4,000 German expatriates and intern them in the Texas desert.
Krammer, Arnold. Undue Process: The Untold Story of America’s German Alien Internees. (1997) – The shocking story of America’s treatment of German aliens during World War II is revealed by prominent historian Arnold Krammer.
* Books on Italian internment:
Fox, Stephen. The Unknown Internment: An Oral History of the Relocation of Italian Americans During World War II. (1990) – Fox combines interviews with Italian Americans who lived through relocation and internment with his research of government files and newspaper accounts to reveal this previously untold chapter in American history.
DiStasi, Lawrence. The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment during World War II. (2001) – This secret story-una storia segreta-has only recently come to light and hits on how the wartime regulations required that 600,000 Italian “resident aliens” carry photo-identity cards , their freedom of movement was restricted, and an estimated 10,000 were forced along the West Coast to relocate.
*Books on alien internment:
Christgau, John. “Enemies”: World War II Alien Internment. (2001) – Christgau writes about ordinary people victimized by the politics of a global war and sent to an internment camp. In all, 31,275 enemy aliens were imprisoned in camps like the one described in this book-Fort Lincoln, just south of Bismarck, North Dakota.
Van Valkenburg, Carol. An Alien Place. (1995) – A book about how Italians, a few Germans and a thousand Japanese were placed at Fort Missoula, Montana, a detention camp. Leaders of the Japanese community that were thought to be most influential were detained and not much has been written about their hearings, arrests and detention so this book sheds light on these men.

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