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Alternative American Religions, by Stephen J. Stein, 43: 826-28

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Alternative American Religions, by Stephen J. Stein, 43: 826-28.

Community of Witches, A: Contemporary Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in the United States, by Helen A. Berger, 42: 852-53.

Religion, Society, and Utopia in Nineteenth-Century America, by Ira L. Mandelker, 28: 538-40.

Strangers & Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845, by Catherine A. Brekus, 41: 618-19.

Witchcraft and Religion: The Politics of Popular Belief, by Christina Lamer, 28: 138-40.

Beckford, James A.

Learning to Speak: The Church’s Voice in Public Affairs, by Keith Clements, 39: 585-86.

Beckwith, Francis J.

Conflicting Agendas: Personal Morality in Institutional Settings, by D. Don Welch, 38: 428-29.

Cube and the Cathedral, The: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, by George Weigel, 48: 218-20.

Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom, edited by Catherine Cookson, gen. ed. With Satvinder Singh Juss and Derek H. Davis, assoc. eds., 47: 651-52.

Religion in the Liberal Polity, edited by Terence Cuneo, 47: 866-69.

Supreme Court and Religion in American Life, The, vol. I: Odyssey of the Religion Clauses, by James Hitchcock, 47: 182-85.

Supreme Court and Religion in American Life, The, vol. II: From “Higher Law” to “Sectarian Scruples,” by James Hitchcock, 47: 182-85.

Three Approaches to Abortion: A Thoughtful and Compassionate Guide to Today’s Most Controversial Issue, by Peter Kreeft, 45: 835-36.

Beitseher, Jane

The English Church and the Papacy from the Conquest to the Reign of John, by Z. N. Brooke, 13: 137-38.

Bell, Albert A., Jr.

Ambrose of Milan: Church and Court in a Christian Capital, by Neil B. McLynn, 38: 416-17.

Bell, Daniel M., Jr.

American Providence: A Nation With a Mission, by Stephen H. Webb, 48: 228-30.

Christianity and Democracy: A Theology for a Just World Order, by John W. de Gruchy, 39: 161-62.

Bellinger, W. H., Jr.

Yahweh Is a Warrior: The Theology of Warfare in Ancient Israel, by Millard C. Lind, 27: 349-51.

Beneditti, Robert R.

The Supreme Court Review, 1985, by Philip B. Kurland, 29: 335-36.

Benko, Stephen

Conflict at Rome: Social Order and Hierarchy in Early Christianity, by James S. Jeffers, 34: 388-89.

Bennett, Clinton

Alms for Jihad: Charity and Terrorism in the Islamic World, by M. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins, 48: 686-87.

Education, Religion, and the Common Good: Advancing a Distinctly American Conversation About Religion’s Role in Our Shared Life, by Martin E. Marty with Jonathan Moore, 43: 151-52.

Fundamental Fear, A: Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism, by Bobby S. Sayyid, 41: 603.

In the Shadow of the Mahatma: Bishop V.S. Azariah and the Travails of Christianity in British India, by Suzanne Billington Harper, 42: 855-56.

Jihad: The Origin of Holy War in Islam, by Reuven Firestone, 42: 378-79.

Sikh Diaspora, The: The Search for Statehood, by Darshan Singh Tatla, 42: 175-76.

“Siques, Tigers or Thieves”: Eyewitness Accounts of the Sikhs (1606-1809), by Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh, 47: 624-25.

Surviving Diversity: Religion and Democratic Citizenship, by Jeff Spinner-Halev, 43: 139-40.

Bennett, James

New Day Begun: African American Churches and Civic Culture in Post-Civil Rights America, edited by R. Drew Smith, 47: 405.

Bennett, Michele

Century of Genocide, A: Utopias of Race and Nation, by Eric Weitz, 46: 660-61.

Fidelity of Heart: An Ethic of Christian Virtue, by James Gilman, 46: 911-12.

Benson, Oliver

La Societe International et I’Egiise: Sociologie et Morale des Relations Internationales, by Robert Bose, 8: 140-42.

Berenbaum, Michael

Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation, by Marc H. Ellis, 31: 318-19.

Berg, Herbert

Cultural Roots of American Islamicism, The, by Timothy Marr, 49: 355-57.

Studies in Early Muslim Jurisprudence, by Norman Calder, 37: 180.

Bergant, Dianne

War in the Hebrew Bible: A Study in the Ethics of Violence, by Susan Niditch, 37: 418.

Bergen, Doris L.

Jews in Today’s German Culture, by Sander L. Gilman, 38: 912.

Politics of Conversion, The: Missionary Protestantism and the Jews in Prussia, 1728-1942, by Christopher Clark, 39: 793-94.

Bergman, Jerry

Armed with the Constitution: Jehovah’s Witnesses in Alabama and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1939-1946, by Merlin Owen Newton, 37: 919.

State of Salvation: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Their Fight for Civil Rights, by William Kaplan, 32: 424-25.

Bergquist, Charles

The Church and Labour in Columbia, by Kenneth N. Medhurst, 28: 122­-24.

Bernards, Solomon S.

Brothers in Hope, edited by John M. Oes­terreicher, 13: 344-46.

Judaism and the American Idea, by Milton R. Konvitz, 24: 616-17.

Bernd, Joseph L.

Rum, Religjon, and Votes: 1928 Re-ex­amined, by Ruth C. Silva, 5: 256-58.

Besancon, Richard

Being Free: Reflections on America’s Cultur­al Revolution, by Gibson Winter, 17: 542-43.

Reconciliation and the New Age, by Ralph H. Elliott, 18: 147-48.

Bettenhausen, Elizabeth

The Abuse of Power: A Theological Problem, by James Newton Poling, 35: 429.

Bhansali, K. G.

The Democratic Civilization, by Leslie Lipson, 7: 143-46.

Biddle, Eric H., Jr.

With God in Russia, by Walter Ciszek, 7: 458-60.

Bidwell, Robert

Camilo Torres, by German Guzman, 14: 342-44.

Social Humanism of Calvin, The, by Andre Bieler, 7: 462-63.

Bien, Joseph

Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics, An, by Henry R. West, 47: 876-77.

Paul Ricoeur: The Promise and Risk of Politics, by Bernard P. Dauenhauer, 42: 371-72.

Political Theory and Societal Ethics, by Robert R. Chambers, 37: 171.

Two Intellectual Worlds of John Locke, The: Man, Person, and Spirits in the “Essay”, by John W. Yolton, 48: 873-74.

Biles, Raymond

McGuffey and His Readers: Piety, Moral­ity, and Education in Nineteenth-Century America, by John H. Westerhoff, III, 21: 567-68.

Bilhartz, Terry D.

American Originals: Homemade Varieties of Christianity, by Paul K. Conkin, 41: 153-54.

Bilheimer, Robert S.

The Theology of Secularity, by Gerald O’Collins, 21: 364-65.

Binkley, Olin T.

Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, by Roland H. Bainton, 3: 93-94.

War and the Christian Conscience: How Shall Modern War Be Conducted Justly?, by Paul Ramsey, 4: 110-11.

Bischoff, John Paul

Peter Des Roches: An Alien in English Politics, 1205-1238, by Nicholas Vincent, 40: 184-85.

Blackburn, Joseph

Ritualism and Politics in Victorian Britain: The Attempt to Legislate for Belief, by James Bentley, 21: 539-40.

Blaich, Roland

Church, State, and Religious Dissent: A History of Seventh-Day Adventists in Austria, by Daniel Heinz, 38: 173.

Blakeman, John C.

The Freedom Not To Speak, by Haig Bosmajian, 42: 866-68.

Bland, Kalman P.

Classical Liberalism & the Jewish Tradition, by Edward Alexander, 45: 611-12.

Blasi, Anthony J.

Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome, by Patrick Allitt, 40: 904-05.

Making of the Pope 2005, The, by Andrew M. Greeley, 48: 214-15.

Theocracy in Paul’s Praxis and Theology, by Dieter Georgi, 34: 389.

Blauvelt, Martha Tomhave

Jonathan Edwards to Aaron Burr, Jr.: From Awakening to Democratic Politics, by Suzanne Geissler, 25: 172.

Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia: Two Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Class Authority and Leadership, by E. Digby Baltzell, 23: 150-51.

Blevins, James L.

Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus, by Ched Myers, 31: 571.

Blight, David W.

Abolition’s Axe: Beriah Green, Oneida Institute, and the Black Freedom Struggle, by Milton C. Semett, 29: 563-64.

Bloomfield, Lincoln

Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: Congress Reconsidered, by David P. Forsythe, 31: 568.

Blythe, James M.

Cultures of Power: Lordship, Status, and Process in Twelfth-Century Europe, edited by Thomas N. Bisson, 39: 352-53.

Bodayla, Stephen D.

American Dream, Global Nightmare: The Dilemma of U.S. Human Rights Policy, by Sandy Vogelgesang, 24: 409-10.

New Politics of Human Rights, The, by James Avery Joyce, 22: 349-51.

Bodman, Herbert L.

The Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776-1815, by Robert J. Allison, 38: 919.

Boehlke, Frederick J., Jr.

The Avignon Papacy and the Crusades, 1305-1378, by Norman Housley, 30: 368-69.

Boers, Hendrikus W.

Loyalty to God: The Apostles’ Creed in Life and Liturgy, by Theodore W. Jennings, Jr., 35: 183-84.

Boles, Donald E.

Original Intent: Chief Justice Rehnquist and the Course of American Church/State Relations, by Derek Davis, 33: 600-01.

Religion, State, and the Burger Court, by Leo Pfeffer, 27: 335-38.

Schools, the Courts, and the Public Interest, The, by John C. Hogan, 29: 130-31.

Boles, John B.

Local Baptists Local Politics: Churches and Communities in the Middle and Uplands South, by Clifford A. Grammich, Jr., 42: 588-89.

Boller, Paul F., Jr.

Puritan Protagonist: President Thomas Clap of Yale College, by Louis Leonard Tucker,

5: 117-18.

Roman Catholicism and the American Way of Life, edited by Thomas T. McAvoy,

3: 75-77.

Bolt, John

Liberty and Justice for All: Racial Reform and the Social Gospel (1877-1925), by Ronald C. White, Jr., 34: 626-27.

Bonino, Jose Miguez

Religion and Politics in Latin America: Liberation Theology and Christian Democracy, by Edward A. Lynch, 36: 410.

Bonkowsky, F. O.

The Christian Encounters Politics and Government, by Paul G. Elbrecht, 8: 139-40.

Bonpane, Blase

Churches and Politics in Latin America, edited by Daniel H. Levine, 23: 131-32.

Borden, Morton

Preachers & Politicians: Two Essays on the Origins of the American Revolution, by William G. McLoughlin and Jack P. Greene, 22: 344-46.

Providence & Patriotism in Early America, 1640-1815, by John F. Berens, 22: 344-46.

Borderud, Scott R.

Christian America? What Evangelicals Really Want, by Christian Smith, 43: 822-24.

Next Religious Establishment, The: National Identity and Political Theology in Post-Protestant America, by Eldon J. Eisenach, 43: 373-74.

Serving Two Masters: The Development of American Military Chaplaincy, 1860-1920, by Richard M. Budd, 45: 180-81.

Soldiers, Commissars, and Chaplains: Civil-Military Relations since Cromwell, by Dale R. Herspring, 44: 359-60.

Spiritual But Not Religious: Understanding Unchurched America, by Robert C. Fuller, 44: 837-38.

Sword of the Lord, The: Military Chaplains from the First to the Twenty-First Century, by Doris L. Bergen, 47: 407.

What’s God Got to Do with the American Experiment?, edited by E. J. Dionne, Jr. and John J. Dilulio, Jr., 43: 148-49.

Bornstein, Daniel

Patrons and Defenders: The Saints in the Italian City-States, by Diana Webb, 40: 187-88.

Botticini, Maristella

The Jews in Umbria, 1435-1484, vol. 2, by Ariel Toaff, 39: 152-53.

Bouchard, Constance B.

Alienated Minority: The Jews of Medieval Latin Europe, by Kenneth R. Stowe, 35: 911-12.

Bouma-Prediger, Steven

Worldviews and Ecology: Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment, by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, 38: 927.

Bourgault, Louise M.

Mass Media Religion: The Social Sources of the Electronic Church, by Stewart Hoover, 32: 141-43.

Bowden, Geoffrey C.

Aquinas’s Theory of Natural Law, by Anthony J. Lisska, 41: 141-42.

Sanctity of Dissent, The, by Paul James Toscano, 38: 433-34.

Who Killed Jesus? Exposing the Roots of Anti-Semitism in the Gospel Story of the Death of Jesus, by John Dominic Crossan, 39: 342-43.

Bowden, Henry Warner

The Protestant Clergy in the Great Plains and Mountain West, 1865-1915, by Szasz Ferenc Morton, 31: 552.

Bowers, Richard H.

A History of Medieval Political Thought, 300-1450, by Joseph Canning, 40: 680-81.

Bowery, Anne-Marie

Friendship and Society: An Introduction to Augustine’s Practical Philosophy, by Donald S. Burt, O.S.A., 42: 367-68.

Boyden, James M.

Tormented Voices: Power, Crisis, and Humanity in Rural Catalonia, 1140-1200, by Thomas N. Bisson, 41: 380.

Boys, Mary C.

Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine, by Richard A. Horsley, 36: 403.

Bozeman, Theodore Dwight

Fundamentalism and American Culture: The Shaping of Twentieth-Century Evangelicalism, 1870-1925, by George M. Mars­den, 24: 141-42.

Primitive Church in the Modern World, The, edited by Richard T. Hughes, 38: 665-66.

Trial and Error: The American Controversy Over Creation and Evolution, by Edward J. Larson, 29: 577-78.

Brachlow, Stephen

John Smyth’s Congregation: English Separatism, Mennonite Influence, and the Elect Nation, by James Robert Coggins, 35: 181-82.

Brackney, William H.

Christian Missions and the Enlightenment, edited by Brian Stanley, 46: 148-49.

Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, for Cause of Conscience, discussed in a conference

between Truth and Peace, by Roger Williams, The, edited by Richard Groves, 46: 665-66.

English Civil War and Revolution, The, by Keith Lindley, 43: 817.

Globalization of Pentecostalism, The: A Religion Made to Travel, edited by Murray W. Dempster, Bryon D. Klaus, and Douglas Petersen, 43: 166-67.

One Body in Christ: The History and Significance of the Evangelical Alliance, by Ian Randall and David Hilborn, 46: 404-06.

On the Back Road to Heaven: Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren, by Donald B. Kraybill and Carl F. Bowman, 45: 605-07.

Politics of Religious Studies, The: The Continuing Conflict with Theology in the Academy, by Donald Wiebe, 43: 370-71.

Power, Authority, and How Each Group Constructs Symbolic Meaning through Structures and Behaviors: Anabaptist Tradition, by Benjamin W. Redekop and Calvin W. Redekop, 45: 605-07.

Bradbury, Miles L.

Transatlantic Revivalism: Popular Evan­gelicalism in Britain and America, 1790­-1805, by Richard Carwardine, 22: 537-40.

Braden, Charles S.

American Catholics: A Protestant-Jewish View, edited by Philip Sharper, 3: 213-15.

Black Muslims in America, The, by C. Eric Lincoln, 4: 105-07.

Catholicism, edited by George Brantl, 5: 124-25.

Church and Civilization, The: An Appraisal of the Church’s Relations with Secular Cultures, by Jerome D’Souza, 10: 304-06.

Creeds in Competition: A Creative Force in American Culture, by Leo Pfeffer, 2: 65-67.

Faiths for the Few, by William J. Whalen, 6: 408.

Great Tax Fraud, The, by Martin A. Lar­son, 11: 324-26.

Islam in the National State, by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal, 11: 159-62.

Jews and Americans, by Irving Malin, 9: 132-34.

Protestantism, edited by J. Leslie Dun­stan, 5: 124-25.

Render Unto Caesar: The Flag-Salute Con­troversy, by David R. Manwaring, 6: 395-98.

Rome and Reunion, by Frederick C. Grant, 8: 290-93.

Rush Hour of the Gods, The: A Study of New Religious Movements in Japan, by H. Neill McFarland, 9: 263-65.

Search for Jewish Identity in America, The, by Stuart E. Rosenberg, 9: 132-34.

South Asian Politics and Religion, edited by Donald E. Smith, 11: 162-65.

Vatican Council and All Christians, The, by Claud D. Nelson, 5: 265-66.

We Jews and Jesus, by Samuel Sandmel, 8: 488-90.

World Religions and World Community, by Robert Lawson Slater, 6: 95-97.

Bradfield, Cecil D.

Liberation Theology: The Church’s Future Shock, by Gerard Berghoef, 28: 529-31.

Politics of Liberation, The, by John M. Swomley, Jr., 28: 529-31.

Third World Liberation Theologies: An Introductory Survey, by Deane William Ferm, 28: 529-31.

Bradley, Gerard V.

Establishment Clause, The: Religion and the First Amendment, by Leonard W. Levy, 29: 535-36.

Bradley, James E.

Jonathan Edwards and the American Experience, edited by Nathan Hatch and Harry S. Stout, 31: 554.

Revolution Within the Revolution: The First Amendment in Historical Context, 1612-1789, by William R. Estep, 33: 599-600.

Brady, Bernard V.

Peace Reader, A: Essential Readings on War, Justice, Non-Violence and World Order, edited by Joseph J. Fahey and Richard Armstrong, 37: 179.

Brady, Thomas A., Jr.

Power in the Blood: Popular and Village Discourse in Early Modern Germany, by David Warren Sabean, 29: 548-49.

Bragg, Jefferson D.

Baptists Who Shaped a Nation, by O. K. Armstrong and Marjorie Armstrong, 19: 127-28.

But In His Image: Racism in Southern Religion, 1780-1910, by H. Shelton Smith, 17: 314-16.

Church and State in Scripture, History, and Constitutional Law, by James E. Wood, Jr., E. Bruce Thompson, and Robert T. Miller, 1: 47-48.

Dream for America, A, by John A. Lapp, 20: 597-98.

From State Church to Pluralism: A Protes­tant Interpretation of Religion in American Democracy, by Franklin H. Littell, 4: 220-­22.

God’s New Israel, Religious Interpretations of American Destiny, edited by Conrad Cherry, 16: 343-44.

Price of Dependency, The: Civil Liberties in the Welfare State, by Robert M. O’Neil, 18: 141-42.

Religion and American Democracy, by Roy F. Nichols, 3: 73-74,

Religion of Abraham Lincoln, The, by Wil­liam J. Wolf, 6: 99-100.

Braidfoot, Larry

Church Lobbying in a Western State: A Case Study on Abortion Legislation, by Daniel J. O’Neil, 21: 152-53.

Bramlett, Bruce R.

Wrath of Jonah, The: The Crisis of Religious Nationalism in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict, by Rosemary Radford Reuther and Herman J. Reuther, 33: 610-11.

Brandis, Henry, Jr.

Beyond the Law, by James A. Pike, 7: 110-11.

Brantley, Randy L.

Atlas of the Holocaust, by Martin Gilbert, 32: 145-46.

Mormons at the Missouri, 1846-1852: “And Should We Die,” by Richard E. Bennett, 31: 307-08.

Saying Yes and Saying No: On Rendering to God and Caesar, by Robert McAfee Brown, 29: 332-33.

This Ground Is Holy: Church Sanctuary and Central American Refugees, by Ignatius Bau, 30: 353­-56.

Braswell, George W., Jr.

From Nationalism to Revolutionary Islam, edited by Said Amir Arjomand, 28: 132-33.

Islamic Fundamentalisms and the Gulf Crisis, edited by James Piscatori, 36: 171-72.

Islamic Iran: Revolution and Counter­Revolution, by Asaf Hussain, 29: 571-72.

Islam, Politics, and Social Movements, by Edmund Burke III and Ira M. Lapidus, 32: 131-32.

Neglected Duty: The Creed of Sadat’ s Assassins and Islamic Resurgence in The Middle East, by Johannes J.G. Jansen, 29: 572-73.

Origins and Early Development of Shi’a Islam, by S. Husain M. Jafri, 23: 132.

Radical Islam: Medieval Theology and Modern Politics, by Emmanuel Sivan, 29: 132-34.

Religion and Politics in Iran: Shi’ism from Quietism to Revolution, edited by Nikki R. Keddie, 27: 521-22.

Roots of Revolution: An Interpretive Story of Modern Iran, by Nikki R. Keddie, 24: 382-83.

Bratt, James E.

The Restructuring of American Religion: Society and Faith Since World War II, by Robert Wuthnow, 31: 550.

Breckenridge, James

Future of the Christian World Missions, The, edited by Wi Jo Kang and Williar Danker, 19: 368-69.

India and the Latin Captivity of Church: The Cultural Context of the Gospel, by Robin H. S. Boyd, 18: 588-89.

Muslim Dilemma in India, The, by M. A. Baig, 18: 565-67.

New Approaches to Men of Other Faiths, 1938-1968: A Theological Discussion, by Carl F. Hallencreutz, 19: 139-40.

No Man Is Alien: Essays on the Unity Mankind, edited by J. Robert Nelson, 20: 349-51.

Religion and Politics in Tibet, by Bina Roy Burman, 25: 555-57.

Religions of Ancient India, by Louis Renou, 18:138-39.

Rule by Incarnation: Tibetan Buddhism and Its Role in Society and State, by Franz Michael, 25: 555-57.

Teaching about Religions, edited by Geoffrey Parrinder, 17: 353-54.

Truth and Dialogue in World Religions: Conflicting Truth-Claims, edited by John Hick, 19: 140.

Breedlove, James M.

La materia religiosa en la politica argentina, by David Pefia, 6: 237-39.

Breen, Louise A.

Blown by the Spirit: Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil-War England, by David R. Como, 47: 172-75.

Precisianist Strain, The: Disciplinary Religion and Antinomian Backlash in Puritanism to 1638, by Theodore Dwight Bozeman, 47: 172-75.

Bremer, Francis J.

From Office to Profession: The New England Ministry, 1750-1850, by Donald Scott, 22: 535-37.

Redeem the Time: The Puritan Sabbat in Early America, by Winton U. Solberg, 20: 556-58.

Breslauer, S. Daniel

Jews and the Left, by Arthur Liebman, 23: 137-39.

Vision of the Void: Theological Reflections on the Works of Elie Wiesel, by Michael Berenbaum, 24: 168.

Briggs, Charles F.

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